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Vroom! Vroom!

It's the morning of the big race. The grounds people at Brand's Hatch are shown getting the track ready for the big day of racing. Mike paces in the garage. His voice-over explains how "ready" he has to be for this big day. Meanwhile, the rest of the house get up, climb into a taxi, and take the train down to Brand's Hatch to see Mike race. One of the editors actually found a moment when Jacinda and Jay are smiling in the cab, so they use that footage to make it look like everyone in the house cares a whole helluva lot about Mike's big race and is stoked to go see this big race. And God bless Sharon! Where would Bunim-Murray be without Sharon and her "I'm terribly excited about..." speeches? If Sharon were trapped in a well by Jame Gumb, you just know that she'd be "terribly excited" about being made into a coat that would actually be worn. So Sharon gives an interview to explain how "terribly excited" she is about finally getting to see Mike race. And, strangely, her hair is out of that bun for the interview. Jacinda voice-overs that they'd gotten no sleep the night before in order to explain the fact that everyone is yawning on the train. The gang finds Mike in the clubhouse. Mike says in an interview that he never imagines that anyone would want to come and see him race. We see Jacinda telling Mike that she's literally pissing in her pants with excitement. Mike looks like he actually believes her. Sharon gets inside the car, which is "terribly exciting" for her. Lars asks Mike why there is a decal on the car that says "Club Duke." "Because Dad paid for the weekend," says Mike. There is a brief pause and then everyone laughs heartily.

Mike finally gets into his car and drives to the track. His hair is too long now for any pomade to help. It just flattens the hair so that it creeps down his back like pancake batter. After some close-ups of Mike coupled with some voice-overed clich├ęs about focus and concentration, he takes his place on the track. Just to pad the plot out a little bit, we are treated to another battered Doris Day interview in which Mike explains what a "standing start" is. Finally Mike does his "standing start," and the flatmates cheer him on. Mike does really badly; he's actually lapped by his cute teammate Darren. The race finally ends with Darren as the winner and Mike in last place. Everyone is shown comforting Mike and making excuses for his lousy racing skills. Sharon feels especially bad for him. Mike catches up with the flatmates after the race, and apologizes for making them wake up so early to come out and see him bomb. Everyone tries to convince him that they had fun regardless. Then they try to make him feel better some more. And then they try to make him feel better some more. Back home, Jacinda tells Mike that Sharon was crying with excitement, she was so proud of Mike. Mike keeps pointing out that he lost. Jacinda brushes his protests aside. At dinner, Jay points out that there were tens of thousands of spectators who turned out to watch sixteen people race...and that Mike was one of those sixteen people. All the housemates clap and toast their loser roommate, Mike.

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