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Inside, Zach shows John and the others Tyler's note. Zach voice-overs that the note made him want to vomit up his matzo, it was so rude. He goes into confront the (why?) shirtless Tyler, who is lying in bed. Tyler puts on that arrogant smiley face that makes you want to punch his teeth, and borrows Janelle's diva hand to stop Zach from scolding him. He says, "Listen to yourself," and asks Zach if he knows anyone else's side of the story. Zach calmly tells Tyler he knows how Tyler treats people. Zach then camera-talks, "Who are you to walk all over somebody's life?" Wow. Heavy question. Tyler, losing his high-pro glow a little, queens to Zach that Svet lies and manipulates and connives. Um, Kettle, it's 4 AM. Time to take Pot to compete in the first two parts of a triathlon. Tyler now camera-talks that Svet is like a bad little puppy who pees on the carpet and needs to be punished. He tells Zach that the things Svet "did" in his book were inappropriate, too, and that he reacted the way he did and will "stand up to that." Tyler is losing here. He should go back to diva-handing and writing poorly-worded notes. Zach tells Tyler that he expects more of his friends than for them to leave notes like that. Tyler says, "I think it's hilarious." Yeah, "You should have stayed in Philly." ROTFLMAO! Zach adds that Svet is a nineteen-year-old child and that they need to be nicer to her. Tyler says that he loved seeing Svet crying. Zach sighs and responds that he can't handle that. Tyler works his bitch-face again, smiling and saying, "She's a little baby whore and she deserves every tear that she's crying right now." Zach just stares. Good for Zach, standing up to Tyler. And he's a brave man for doing it while sitting in the shirtless Tyler's bed. Shiver.

Night. Key West. Houses. Houses. Outdoor restaurant. The kids eat. Paula, looking healthy and happy and downright glowing (oh, she got laid -- I get it), says that she loves Svet and that when she's being goofy and just being herself, she thinks it's "great." Zach thinks Tyler gets personal pleasure from being mean to Svet; he doesn't hate her, he just thinks she's an idiot. Paula says that Tyler thinks Svet has lived a very privileged life and that he wants to "correct her." But it's not his right, she adds, to correct someone's "life plan." Paula camera-talks that Svet is wealthy, beautiful, and has really nice things, and that Tyler is jealous of that. Tyler wants to be Svetlana! Of course.

House. Sunrise. Pool. Day. Jose informs Tyler and Zach that Bossman Ricky Croft has hired a professional cleaning crew to clean the salon, and that he then wants to have a conference call with all of them at 5 PM. I love that Bossman Ricky Croft is still off somewhere running from the hurricane. Dude, it's safe. You can come back from Vermont now.

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