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Wake Of The Storm

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Broken tree. Broken tree. Broken power transformer. The kids gather outside the salon and call Bossman Ricky Croft on their SIDEKICK! Bossman Ricky Croft hems and haws and then launches in, telling the kids that the two hurricanes really set them back and actually "destroyed everything [they] were trying to accomplish." Sad faces. Sad faces. Bossman Ricky Croft goes on to thank them for their hard work and determination. He says that's the good news. The bad news is that they're closing the Mystic Tan studio. Heeeeeeeee! The kids' jaws all drop. "To be continued..."

Next: the kids go to Spain. John makes out with some blonde. Svet yells at Martin on the phone for never revealing his emotions to her. Paula tells the kids that Svet is a younger version of herself. Svet wonders why it's necessary to talk shit about her. Because you're a peeing puppy, remember?

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