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Wanted: Dead or Alive

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Wanted: Dead or Alive

The roommates go out on the field during halftime of the game and throw t-shirts into the crowd. They even get to use a giant slingshot, which is kind of cool.

Karamo works out at the gym. He interviews that he was trying to figure out how to discuss issues with his roommates without coming off as angry or upset. He knows that he needs to say something, but he doesn't want to deal with people who have attacked him in the past. He admits that he's trying to grow, but he knows he has a lot of issues.

The roommates go out to a bar. Karamo tells Sarah that he expected everyone to understand him, even though he judged everyone. Karamo interviews that he has trust issues, and that it has affected his relationship with MJ. Karamo tells Sarah that he didn't want to come off as the aggressive, angry black guy. Sarah thinks Karamo is defining himself by his race. In a confessional, Sarah interviews that she sees a change in Karamo, and that he's letting her in. Karamo says that he doesn't know what to do about MJ. Sarah says that it takes a strong person to forgive the right people.

Drunken Karamo and Drunken MJ have a discussion outside a parking garage about the incident. Karamo says that he wanted MJ to be like his boys at home. MJ tries to explain why he couldn't talk to Karamo, and Karamo says he just wanted MJ to be empathetic and sympathetic. That's what MJ doesn't seem to get. If, afterward, he had just said, "Hey, man. That totally sucked that you were targeted like that," I think that would have gone a long way. Karamo interviews that he doesn't want to harbor any bad feelings. Karamo says that they need to just look to the future, and start at that moment with a clean slate. They hug, and agree to treat this as day one. Karamo interviews that it's weird to forgive, because he usually writes people off entirely. MJ, near tears, asks if Karamo really wants people to throw more chairs at him. Hee! He's kind of a girl. Karamo promises that if anyone came after MJ, Karamo would go after them. MJ interviews that he and Karamo have come a long way, and they need mutual respect. Karamo and MJ hug again and both conclude with, "I love you, man!"

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