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We Come to Dump Cesar, Not to Praise Him

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We Come to Dump Cesar, Not to Praise Him

The camera rushes over the water toward the house...whoosh! Jump cut to Melissa and Cesar kissing in the car. Oh wow, they made it through. Hooray. After that tarot card reading, I was reeeeally worried. Melissa says weepily, "It was totally my fault." Whatever. Then in a sit-down, "I think I sabotaged the relationship...I didn't want to admit how much I needed him." Well, what was he trying to do, make everything all nice? The kiss at the door and she calls out, "No pressure!" Um, HE was supposedly pressuring YOU. This is so weird -- the closed captioning has lyrics for "You Live, You Learn," but the actual song is Eric stupid Clapton's "When the Night Comes." And here comes my dinner.

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