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We Hate David

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We Hate David

Everyone is in the girls' room. Grievances -- dull grievances -- are aired. David yells about Q-Tips. He says something heatedly, which I can not transcribe. Not because I'm offended, but because it has so many words bleeped out that I literally cannot figure out the gist of the sentence. Beth tells David she's tired of him trying to hurt her feelings. He apologizes, all half-assed. Tami tells him he's insecure. He puts a pillow over his head and tells them not to talk about him.

Tami tells us that nothing changed with David after the meeting, and nothing will change. David says he hates it when people talk at him, and that they shouldn't treat him "like a child, [he's] a human being." Because children are, you know, fruits and vegetables. And we close on a lonely montage of David shuffling down the street, kicking an empty can. Oh, cry me a river.

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