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Birds in a park, showing us the struggle of Ms. Pigeon Walking Diseased-Poop Birds.

Montage of Pedro and Sean flirting. Pedro tells us in his confessional that Sean has asked him to marry him. The birds all take off suddenly, showing us the...well...what it sounds like when birds fly.

Cory, Rachel, and Puck all flop around on some beds gossiping about Pedro. Cory tells them that Sean asked Pedro to marry him. Quick rapid shots of churches. So dumb. Cory says that they're working it out right now. Cory says that she thinks they're moving very quickly. Pedro loves Sean and feels comfortable with him. They keep gossiping about Pedro. Rachel says, "If he's got AIDS, he's got to think fast." Always go to Rachel for advice.

Montage of Sean and Pedro at a table. Wait, can it be a montage if they're just sitting in one place talking? It's not a very exciting montage, anyway. Pedro tells us again that he's very comfortable with Sean. They talk about their relationship as Cory tells us that Pedro needs to think about his family. Pedro tells us that he's thinking about his home.

Montage of Pedro's family life. They play dominos. He tries to tell us in the nicest way possible that his family wouldn't approve of his black gay boyfriend. Pedro tells Sean that he comes from a racist, homophobic family, so he doesn't feel comfortable holding Sean's hand on the streets of San Francisco. Cory repeats it again for us, because we're dumb. Pedro repeats it again to Sean. WE. GET. IT. Pedro then explains it again to us. Okay, Pedro. It's hard to hold hands with your boyfriend. Get it. Sean keeps flirting with Pedro, asking him to have wild sex. Puck wonders whether they're having wild sex.

Pedro and Sean find Rachel in bed wearing a facial mask. They tease her. Rachel asks whether they're engaged. Sean leaves the room, and Pedro calls him back in. They all giggle and blush. Judd asks Sean whether he's going to make an "honest woman" out of Pedro. They all laugh, because it was still acceptable back then to make the homophobic one feel better when he uses "humor" to deal with his insecurities. Pedro says that they're engaged. Rachel says that when she thinks of marriage, she thinks of her parents, so Sean and Pedro don't "fit the mold." She says that seeing them together and getting used to them has made it "not that shocking." Rachel says something inappropriate that we can't hear, and Pedro starts to pull Sean out of the house. Judd asks which one is going to wear the dress. Again, they humor the inappropriate one as the newly engaged couple goes somewhere else to celebrate. Why would you ever go back to that house in the first place? Judd tells us that he's really happy for them, but that he's still got this "deep-down heterosexual thing" that finds their engagement "really weird." I keep having to remind myself that this was 1994. Judd says that he'll get over it, but that he's not going to be a bridesmaid. Jesus.

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