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Who's Afraid of Heather B.?

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Who's Afraid of Heather B.?

Back to Eric, talking about how the stuff going on in the loft "builds up" inside of him until he doesn't know what to do. Um, Eric? If you're going to steal lines, steal them from someone good or even great, not The Bold and the Beautiful. Julie tries to cheer Eric up, and Eric says he just wants to be by himself. Julie lets him go.

Julie's one-on-one. She tells us that Eric and Heather have a strange relationship, and they'll probably never be on a comfortable footing. Later on, in their room, Heather tells Julie that if Eric moves out, it's his loss, and that she'll think about it, but she won't lose any sleep over it.

Oh Christ. Eric is telling Becky and Kevin How He Feels. He says that when Heather starts to feel threatened she gets all, "I don't care." Kevin asks why Eric doesn't tell her that. Eric shrugs and says, "Because then she'd get all, 'You can't beat me.'"

Shots of Heather rapping intercut with her one-on-one. She says she feels sorry for people who can't express themselves, and that Eric is one of them. She says it's because he's too caught up with how he looks and other superficial things.

Back to Eric. He says that with his friends, he tells them straight out when something's bothering him, but that with Heather, he doesn't want to make the situation worse for himself. DAMN. I hate to say it, but he has a point. I mean, Eric is a schmuck, but Heather definitely antagonizes him. Damn, damn, damn! Whatever, Eric's still a schmuck.

Heather's one-on-one. She tells us that there's almost a phoniness about Eric, and that he's frontin' all the time.

Kevin tells Eric that he needs to be open with Heather, and that, for instance, when Kevin is, he sometimes regrets it, but usually he feels much better. Yep, and we've all seen how well KEVIN relates to others, haven't we? Talk about the blind leading the plain goddamned ignorant. Eric says that Kevin and Julie are the only people in the loft he can talk to about this problem.

Oh Christ. Cut to Eric wearing -- of course -- an unbuttoned, plaid flannel shirt, a BERET, and plaid boxers, rollerblading down the street. Not only is that completely dangerous, but he also looks like an escapee from Xanadu Mental Hospital.

Eric tells Becky and Kevin that his time in the loft is his first time living with strangers and living away from home. I think he's trying to justify his behavior or whine about how tough the situation is. Kevin says that he's been on his own since he was eighteen and at college. Becky tells Eric that it is all part of that great big adventure we call Growing Up, except she says it in a much nicer fashion.

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