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Working for a Living

Because it's the triumphant return of Sars's brother, Mr. Stupidhead! I hope he's more sober this time, and won't deliver any pontification to the effect that people don't understand him and his music. Just kidding, Mr. Stupidhead. I kid because I love. Anyway, Dave walks into the apartment and is greeted by Lori. In an interview, Lori explains that she's been friends with Dave for about five years, and that they met in high school. Now, they are trying to collaborate musically. Lori listens to some of Dave's music on her headphones as Lori voice-overs that Dave is "an electronic experimental composer," which makes him sound a bit like Ross. I've never heard his stuff, but Sars assures me that he's better than Ross, and at least he doesn't talk about his "sound." Malik asks Dave about the recording studio in his house. Dave says that they do the vocals in the hallway, and that it's "such a ridiculous setup." Rachel asks when they are going to Dave's studio, to insure that she has time to eat. See what I mean with the eating and the food?

Rachel tells us that they are going to Dave's house so that she and Malik can hear what Dave and Lori have been working on. In the studio/apartment, Dave plays the song. It's really good. I mean, it sounds really professional for something recorded in someone's apartment. It's kind of jazzy, and Lori sounds a little bit more Sade than her usual Christina Aguilera/Mariah Carey stuff. Rachel and Malik really like it. In an interview, Rachel says that it's hard to believe that Lori's big voice comes from her little body. Malik asks Lori whether anyone else is singing backup, and Lori says that it's just her. In an interview, Malik says that Lori has a very powerful sound, and that he's impressed with the strength of her voice. They all bop along to the music.

Quarrel and Nicole sit on opposite ends of the couch. Either they sit there a lot, or this is just more footage from the scene in which they discussed what slackers they were. The always-subtle background music says, "I don't want to work for anyone." Quarrel asks Nicole whether she will be able to keep her job. Nicole protests that she's doing the work. Quarrel says that the bosses don't think she's working, which is what counts. Quarrel says that she's not going to be fired, and that she prides herself on being professional, so she'll find out exactly what she needs to do at work to do a better job. In an interview, Quarrel vows, "The more they give me, the more I'm going to do." Less talk, more action! Let's see all the working!

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