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Working Hard, or Hardly…oh, you know

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Working Hard, or Hardly...oh, you know

Daft Punk plays as a man marches smartly up to the door. It's Landon! He calls their house "nifty" and Dan agrees, "Nifty is the word." Nifty is the word nerds use, I hope he meant. Anyway, the roomies meet Landon. Mike says he has "a strong presence." Melissa says she was "scared" he would talk over them but he "treated [them] like equals." Sarah was impressed with the fact that Landon plays roller hockey. Okay!

Landon says (in case you all have been dead from the neck up) that "we are here to start a business." We GOT IT. Mike says the "problem" they may have is "conforming as people, seven ideas." Are they supposed to be Borg or something? Working together is not synonymous with "conforming as one." Oh, WHATEVER. Following Landon's suggestion, the group starts "free-falling." That is, they start brainstorming. Maybe his omission of the word "brain" holds portent. Sarah admits she doesn't care about making money and wants to open up a skate shop. Melissa wants to head a moped rental place. Mike blathers on about Z-cards. Joe bashfully looks at the floor when it comes his turn. Aww, c'mon, Joe! C'moooon! The arm-twisting and teeth-pulling begin in earnest, but Joe remains tight-assed, I mean lipped. Tight-LIPPED, I meant. Faces fall. Joe says to the camera, "Landon was a little more laid-back than I would have liked. There shouldn't have been any talk of the business on the first day we met." Then Joe lamely says to the group, "I was hoping to get to know all of you a little better before I let my ideas out." Let them out? Out where? Are they caged somewhere? Cynthia says that Joe has a business degree and is the businessman of the group. Whatever!

Flora natters on about her idea of a "leetle coffee shop, more trendy, where beautiful people are going to go." Dan makes a face, because he's been such a victim of lookism, you remember. She continues, "I want to go there because in the coffee shop next door, geeks are hanging out!" Dan, as a representative for geeks everywhere, takes umbrage. "That is so far from my priorities...if that is how we start this business, then let me have no part of this business. There's a difference between that being a reality and catering to it." Ooh, look at the stand-taker! Dan makes some more noises about shallow and energies and the like, and Flora's panties get all in a wad. She starts sputtering, "I'm not here to kiss anyone's butt, I'm here to make money!" All right, steamrollercakes, got it. The group gets stressed as rap music plays with the chorus being, "Make money money make money money money!" Dan makes an effort, suggesting they can start a club and give the money to charity. Flora rolls her eyes and chews a pen. She probably thinks that's bad for the soul too. She walks away and makes phone calls. Cyn is outraged and charges after her, telling her not to sulk and to come back to the group. Flora, passive-aggressive to the nth degree, says, "Whatever you decide to do, unless it's a coffee shop, I'm doing it for five months or whatever and then I'm gone." Selfish rat! Cyn says all right and then goes back to the group to report what Flora said. The tense music starts up as people drift away.

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