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Working Hard, or Hardly…oh, you know

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Working Hard, or Hardly...oh, you know

Cyn says, over footage of Flora making a spectacle of herself in the bar, "She was looking like she was looking for some action, and everyone left the club except her. She said she was gonna stay and get laid." Thunder booms, and rain falls on Luis' car, as he drives Flora off somewhere. To deflower her, perhaps.

Back at home, Melissa repeats the line about Flora staying behind "to get laid." The feminist movement wakes up a little bit at such an open discussion of a woman's sexuality. Don't get up, women's movement. Nothing to see here. It is MTV, after all. Go back to sleep. The roomies haggle about leaving the door open or closed, and then Flora walks in, all cat-ate-the-cream-faced and stuff. What's she doing back so soon? That reflects poorly on Luis, I think. Can you say, "two-minute brother"? Sad. Flora stops in the middle of the room, all eyes on her, and asks happily what's going on. You're the center of attention, that's what. Dan says dryly that they thought she'd be out all night, and Flora, possessor of balls the size of Volkswagens, has the nerve to say she's "a decent woman" with "a boyfriend at home." But that's not what you said to Luis, honey! In walks Cynthia, out of her party clothes and wearing a bandana on her head. Oooh! Here comes some sassiness. Without even looking at Flora, Cyn starts right in: "I'm gonna tell you to your face, not behind your back, I thought you were acting like a ho and that you could have been better than that." The roomies all hoot like in some fucking sitcom and Flora says, smiling, that she just landed a job that pays "$300-400 a night," and Cyn continues: "Just don't fuck him, okay, even if he has three rubbers on, okay? I thought you were gonna fuck him!" Mike says, "Flora tries to play Miss Innocent but we know better." Um, EVERYONE knows better. Cyn then hugs Flora saying, "I'm glad to see you home. Don't go out like a sucker." Flora bounces off, waving her head back and forth like a Who down in Who-Ville as Cyn continues her pleas: "Please don't. And if you do, use condoms. Please!" Thunder ominously booms in the sky. Perhaps an omen of the chief boot-knocking to come? Wait and see.

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