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Would You Be So Kind as to Wave Your Hands in the Air?

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Would You Be So Kind as to Wave Your Hands in the Air?

Kat has another man to toy with. She is shown beaming and talking so some guy on the phone about helping him buy a motorbike and being his "bike chick." She explains in an interview that Sebastian is a friend of a friend of hers from New York who is going to be in London for a week before he goes off to Israel to be a bartender at Planet Hollywood. Wow, this guy sounds glamorous already. Kat runs into Sharon's room to gush all about her date with Sebastian and how she feels "like a little girl." The day of the date arrives, and Sebastian enters the house. He's nothing to write home about, but Kat is clearly in awe of his worldly ways. "He makes me feel so ordinary," says Kat in an interview. Sebastian and Mike are introduced; Mike remarks in an interview that Sebastian desperately wanted to impress everybody. Sebastian eventually wears out his welcome by pontificating about some movie that wasn't faithful to the book on which it was based, rubbing his pool-playing skills in everybody's faces, and forcing everyone watch him juggle bottles of vinegar and liquor. "It was like I was supposed to be some big boner or something," says Mike. No comment. Finally Kat and Sebastian get on the back of Sebastian's motorbike and ride off to see London at night. "I had such a fantastic time," says Kat, but then explains that nothing else really could happen since he was only in town for a week. London is pretty at night, seen from a motorcycle. I'll give them that.

Hannah and Mike meet again. But this time they just sit in the living room of Attention Deficit Manor. Hannah is reading the paper and Mike is reading a magazine he has no interest in reading. Meanwhile, Jay passive-aggressively plays Nerf basketball in the background while "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something plays. At some point, there is a series of shots that seem to indicate that there was a conflict. Mike leaves the room. Jay asks Hannah whether she and Mike are no longer an item. Hannah asks Jay whether she and Mike were ever an item in the first place. Her laugh is a total cry for help. Hannah classifies her relationship with Mike as a "game of mental chess." To this, Jay utters the best line ever: "I can see Mike playing mental checkers, but..." Jay and Hannah end up bonding over a game of pool. Goodbye, Hannah.

Mike gets into bed next to Kat, and they discuss how hard it is to get together with someone. In an old interview, Mike predicts that he won't meet the girl of his dreams in a bar. He seems to think that he'll meet someone just like in the movies by being in a supermarket and dropping the milk on the girl he's going to marry. In an interview, Kat professes to be too "flighty" to be in a relationship. The episode concludes with some shots of Mike, Jay, and Kat going out to the local pub and checking out members of the opposite sex.

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