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How The Wes Was Won

Bar. More drinking. Rachel comes up to Johanna and tells her that Wes is bragging about having "fucked" Wren. Johanna tells us she doesn't think it's very "cool" of "Wes" (and she puts his name in finger-quotes, hysterically) to brag about it. Yeah, nor is it really anything to brag about.

The kids all leave to go to another bar, Neh camera-talks, adding that he stayed a little longer. Shots of empty streets. American Beauty music. What's going on?

Warehouse. Lacey tells Rachel that Paul called, wondering why Neh isn't there working on the doc. Rachel says that they need to do work on it themselves, then. Lacey says, "No, you did your job." She bitches on that this is Neh's job -- belittling him for claiming to love editing, yet again -- and adding that he's not even home yet.

Later. 2:33 AM. Lacey and Wes wonder where Neh is. Wes thinks he was drinking a lot, and then recounts a night in the past when Neh was drunk and he was trying to fight everyone on the street. We see flashbacks of Neh trying to fight everyone on the street. Wes says he's seen Neh get really belligerent.

Later. The phone rings. Wes answers. It's a recorded voice with Neh calling collect...from jail. Wes makes an amused/stunned face.

On the next: Wes finds out that Neh is in jail and wonders what he did and how to get him out. Danny's caved-in face informs the others that Neh assaulted someone, that person pressed charges, and they're looking at $5000 for bail. Whoa. David asks the kids if they're going to be ready for the big screening; they admit that they have no idea how to do this without Neh.

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