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Later. Svet calls Awful Russian Mafia Boyfriend. She cries. "I want to go home." She brats about how shittily Tyler talks to her and her stomach is in knots and how could he talk to her like that? She weeps, and Boyfriendski just keeps telling her to come home. She whines that they make her feel stupid and treat her like she's a child. In the background, we see Tyler and Janelle, and Tyler is dancing with just his shoulders while Janelle chops vegetables. Heh. Svet says that they make her feel selfish, and that maybe she is. "Then come home," Awful Russian Mafia Boyfriend says again, telling the naked twelve-year-old Uzbeki immigrant girl he has washing the blood and bone fragments out of his tub to be very quiet. "I fucking hate it here!" Svet says. I love these people who come on the show seeking whatever the fuck they're seeking, and then whine that they want to go home. THEN GO THE FUCK HOME! THIS ISN'T THE MATRIX! YOU CAN LEAVE WHENEVER YOU WANT! GO!

Svet weeps over into the couch area, and John asks her what's wrong. She reiterates that she wants to go home. John says that she shouldn't. She can't enjoy it here, she says, because she's stupid. Finally, she gets it right! John says that she's not stupid -- that "it" is just the way she was brought up. No, she's stupid. John says that now that she's not around her parents and home, she'll get to see how things work away from there. John camera-frats that this experience is going to be good for Svet and will "toughen up her skin." John says that Svet needs to just do her job and not take on extra stuff and piss people off. He goes on to tell her that she brings some of this stuff on herself. Svet is clearly feeling better as John talks. That's nice of him. John says that he doesn't want Svet to be a quitter. Aw, but I guess she isn't feeling too much better as she says that if "another outbreak happens, that is it." Ew, she's having outbreaks? Well, maybe she should go home. Or at least get some sort of topical cream.

Salon. Morning. The kids arrive. They're all happy; Bossman Ricky Croft has done a good job re-re-redecorating. He sits the kids down and scolds them, telling them that he now "expects" them to be professionals and work as a team. The always-subtle music editors play a song that includes the lyrics "This is your wake-up call." The kids stare. John camera-talks that they're all opinionated, which will lead to problems down the road when they have to make group decisions. Ooh! Juicy and alive with possibility!

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