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AJ, hissing nastily to himself about how everybody can fuck themselves, happens upon the exact tree in the picture Lena gave him, whence we'll get the Yang and harmonize everybody's eyeballs back to being unpoisoned. Of course, the bulbs are located beneath the tree, in among its roots, and I don't know if you know AJ that well but he has this thing where he's claustrophobic. You see, he was once in a cave-in. The irony does not escape him.

Los Morcegos: "That claustrophobic fella is climbing in that hole to save his crew? I guess he has a certain amount of self-sacrifice going after all."

Tess: "Hey, is Clark okay?"
Lincoln: "I can't tell for sure, because I can't see."
Tess: "Okay, well on my end, they are about to kill us."

There is a cave-in! Under the tree, somehow, there is a cave-in. Damned unlucky.

Worried about Tess and her unerring nose for danger, Clark suddenly knocks Lincoln out and stumbles out of the galley and into a corridor, so that he can give a speech -- in English, the official language of most unknown Amazonian tribes -- about how it's not fair that they're being killed because he shot a warthog, or something. Tess cries her ass off listening to this speech, even though it's all embarrassingly stupid:

Clark: "If you want to judge somebody, judge me!"
Morcegos: "Okay, we're convinced."

Even less sensibly, the cave-in that caused AJ to die has somehow convinced them on the Away Team side of things, so he wakes up on the ground under the tree and cries softly to himself for awhile before returning to Kurt and Lena.

Kurt: "Dear German comrades, everything is going fine. Cole and the Source are no longer on the radar, because everybody is about to die."
Lena: "What are you doing?"
Kurt: "Praying. On this satphone."
Lena: "Cool. Apparently the only thing in the world that I don't know is German."

AJ comes back, Kurt gets off the phone, and Lena cries, and that's literally all it took.


Everybody tries to stop being blind. Everybody cries some more. Everybody still kind of hates AJ, especially Kurt. I think we know who's next on his stabbing list. Meanwhile, Clark listens in on a little family talk that is none of his business.

Tess: "So we cool?"
Lincoln: "Yeah, I mean, I just want you to know that you don't have to get back together with Dad once we found him. You have my permission to make decisions for yourself as a rational adult."
Tess: "Thanks? But honestly, I just want my family back. I shouldn't have strayed in the first place."

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The River




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