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The Dry Spirit

Linc: "Whew, that was pretty bad-ass, but now look at this cut on my hand. I sure hope it doesn't get infected!"
Lena: "What you should do is go for a nice swim. In the Amazon."


Clark: "Man, that sucks how everybody got hurt and that one guy died. You really shouldn't have let him go out on the deck to film himself getting murdered."
AJ: "It was for art."
Clark: "Plus we have all these tapes of Emmet acting insane, so that's good."

AJ leaves and Clark notices Kurt (who has been running around the whole time not really helping but shooting his guns a shit-ton) go into his quarters, cover up all the cameras, and do sneaky shit like talk to somebody on a sat phone. But luckily, Clark knows this boat like the back of Tess's head, so he knows that there's one secret mic and camera in an A/C duct or something.

Kurt: "Emmet Cole saw more than we thought. He may be alive. If he is, and if he found the Source, I'll put him down."
Clark: "That's an interesting thing to say. I better not tell anybody about that. About the guy with a million guns who is aiming to kill the person we're here looking for."

Prediction: Kurt is good, or at least military, and the Source is... Not at all bad, but not a good idea either, because it's too intense and powerful for regular flawed people. Like radiation, or the One Ring, or the perfection of Chris Pratt. All in all making Emmet Cole the Oppenheimer or some kind of hubris tale person.

*(Related: If this really does end up being about zombies, I'm going to be so fucking pissed off. Zombies are the dumbest goddamn thing of all time.)


Tess: "AJ, could you stop filming us so I can have another long conversation with my son in front of a bunch of cameras that are filming us?"
Linc: "Mother, I have two disconcerting things to relate. First -- and only for the purposes of this conversation, which is sometimes what happens with a pilot so don't worry about it -- the tapes are dated so we know exactly where he's headed."
Tess: "But that's not..."
Linc: "-- Don't worry about it, this is the only time that's true. The second thing is, for no real reason I have come to agree with you about everything, and I now truly believe in the mission to save my dad. Also I believe in magic. Also, I think he's alive."
Tess: "That's quite a turnaround."
Linc: "Listen, this episode is almost over."
Tess: "Well, I remain convinced today's the day we find my husband, Dr. Emmet Cole."

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The River




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