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Seven minutes into the episode, they find the beacon. It is clipped to a diving cage belonging to the Magus, which has been horribly bent -- but for something to get in? OR SOMETHING TO GET OUT?

The latter. The answer is the latter.

Tess: "Okay but why would they clip this thing to this thing and then throw it in the water?"
Emmet: "I would seem to be fairly ambivalent about whether or not I want people to come look for me."
Lincoln: "Okay, so we done? Because there's the beacon, and there's no Dad."
Tess: "For no reason at all, I am convinced today's the day we find my husband, Dr. Emmet Cole. That will become a bit of a refrain, you see, because like all women on this show I'm just a leeeeetle bit of a cypher."


Everybody acts super cute and fun and they don't really know what they're up to besides getting footage, but then a helicopter lands and a horrible shrieking demon comes running at them. Everybody scatters!

Lena: "My dad was on the camera crew that accompanied Cole on his last mission, so he's probably dead or a zombie too. I have secret relationships with everybody, and a talking backpack where I carry all the exposition about every fucking thing. I am pretty insufferable on the page, but my actress does a good job making you not want to punch me in the face. And what I am about is, I have this idea that I can find the Magus, based on some boring thing with a map for a hundred years."

ibid., verbatim: "A boat doesn't just disappear!"
Everybody: "Ugh, already with this girl."
Jahel: "Even though I only speak Spanish it's okay, because all I ever say is that we shouldn't be doing whatever we're clearly about to do. So don't do it!"


Lena: "We used to be friends or something. I wasn't on the show, but I was always around. It was kind of like being the butler's daughter."
Lincoln: "Sorry I lost touch, but my parents' selfishness fucked me up."
Lena: "That's cool. I could be totally insane for all we know."
Lincoln: "Cool, why don't you talk about it for a million years?"

Clark: "Med school, huh? That must be way more boring than being a prop in your dad's famewhoring."
Lincoln, verbatim: "Science isn't a great big wonder anymore, Clark. Discoveries are made in a lab, not the jungle!"

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The River




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