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I will say that one of the things I like best about this pilot is the way you see both Linc and Tess using the cameras to get shit done in a way none of the other characters could even comprehend, because their last thirty years were lived under surveillance. It's very specifically delineated (in the pilot, at least) that they're doing this on purpose; so much so that it's the last line of the script. And I really like that, because it muddies their intentions more than anything, because if everything is a performance... Like:

Random Tess Moment: "Well, people always tell me that the reason they loved Emmet's show was not because of the travel or the adventure but because they wanted to be part of our own perfect little family. I mean yeah, we had our problems. Everybody does, sure. Our secrets. But who doesn't?"

Who talks like that? People who know they're on TV, that's who. (People who are covering their asses, on TV, particularly.) It's interesting, and intentional, and maybe later episodes will work with it, but based on the second hour I think that's a subtlety that didn't make it into the show Bible, so the subtext just becomes text. But in this particular hour, it's really compelling.


Inside the panic room, we find: PANIC!

Also: A large nut or clam covered in a blanket, a big personal altar with a black saint draped in gifts, etc., foodstuffs with the labels blurred out (nice), a ton of blood, and a fetid odor. What we do not find is, Dr. Emmet Cole. Or the thing making the noises.

Lincoln: "I better touch this bloody nut or clam."
El Féretro Del Niño: "I am actually a Brazilian Krahò invention for use as a child's coffin."
El Corpo Seco: "ARGH! Now I am free because you touched it! Screech! Bonk! Arnk!"
Lena: "That Smoke Monster just ripped the hell out of my leg! I am going to need stitches, and maybe a quick swim in the Amazon."

Random Emilio Moment: "My daughter Jahel, before she developed her dirty pillows and the stain of men's desire, she used to talk to ghosts. She had this one ghost friend, Amigo Fantasma!, who was a bit of a loud-talker. Long story short, I told that dude to quiet down, and he did. Isn't that an interesting story? My daughter talks to ghosts. Also, I come off like a total pedophile even in the little stories I tell."
ibid., verbatim: "No me gusta este amigo fantasma."

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