The River

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The Dry Spirit

Lincoln: "Oh wait, we totally have a watergoing vessel that we're standing on."
Emilio: "I gotta get one of our engines working, I have to reattach the rudder line, I have to reseal the hull. Two days?"
Lincoln: "All right, you got two and a half hours."
Clark: "Why? Why do we have to leave by 4:43?"
Tess: "High tide."
Clark: "Yeah, but what does that mean?"
Tess: "Just because? I have no idea."


Lena: "Yeah, this is the stuff. What my recent gaping wound needed was some nice warm Amazon water all up in it."
Lincoln: "You just tread water, getting more and more infected, while I clear the rudder and wax philosophical. My goodness, nature is disgusting."
Lena: "And yet even though you have just said that, I still will suffer no ill effects. In fact, one scene from now I'll be running around like nothing ever happened to my leg. And have you noticed that we're in a place on the Amazon where there are no insects, diseases, animals or people?"
Lincoln: "Just maybe I can see the show explaining that by the fact that we're in the Boiúna, which is maybe made up but is definitely magic."
Lena: "Oh, that reminds me. I have all kinds of secrets with your dad that I've been crawling around investigating since we got here. I need to show you something."


Lena: "Somewhat dubiously, Emmet told me where this secret compartment is full of his archive tapes of this doomed mission. He told me that if we came looking for him, which he said not to do, we should definitely not look at these 104 tapes, which we are clearly going to do."
Lincoln: "Are they numbered or in any particular order?"
Lena: "Not really, even though that would make a good deal more sense."
Lincoln: "Perhaps this journal he wrote detailing his mission will help."
Lena: "Not if we never refer to it again."


Are awesome. The possibility of scope here is really amazing: Emmet walking on water, hands out at his sides. Emmet weeping on the river in a psychedelic ecstasy. Doing a native ritual, with fire caught in his hands. Shirt off, still dancing on the water, reaching down. The fire in his hands, building higher and higher. A scary jumble, suddenly, and him staring into the camera in iconic Blair Witch style. A disembodied arm drops to the floor in front of a camera. Emmet keels over by the ritual fire. He trains the dragonflies to follow his fingers; he laughs. Things get scary.

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The River




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