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Clark: "Tess? Do you think we'll find Emmet tomorrow?"
Tess: "DO I EVER."
(She takes the camera away from him with a slightly flirty air that is also super dorky, like a mom would.)
Tess: "Aha! Turnin' tables! Now I, the subject, will document you! The documenteer!"
Clark: "This makes me uncomfortable, as it would any cardboard character on TV."

Tess: "But seriously. Why are you here looking for Emmet? Do you even really care if we find him?"
Clark, believably enough: "Wow, I forget how little you think of me sometimes. Here's the deal. Everybody always thought that Emmet and I hated each other... Probably because we spent so much time arguing over every last frame of the show. The thing with him is that... What he never got was that the show -- this whole thing -- it wasn't about adventure, or magic. It's about product. Right? But he was, uh... He was incorruptible, wasn't he? I did love that about him. Good night, Tess."

Aww. That kind of got me a little bit. Easy device, but they earned it with that little glimpse. It seems clear that Lincoln is going to be the Apollo here, and thus my fave -- and even clearer by the end of the episode, which pretty much explains that we're in Carnivale territory -- but it's nice to know old Emmet walked the walk. And even nicer to know this side of Clark, who's been playing it pretty close to the vest. I believe that he loved Emmet Cole. I just don't think that precludes him hating Emmet too.


Emmet: "Hey Lincoln? Without further ado, let me tell you a very long story while you pretend not to be distracted by whatever you were doing before I came in here to bother you."
Lincoln: "I'll do my best."

Long ago, when I was hiking in Mali, I met a man high up in the Bandiagara cliffs. A shaman who was Old As The Hills, and said he would never die. And he said to me, "Life and death are the same, like a weight on a clock that swings back and forth. Tick to tock." Then he said the clock was getting very old, and was waiting for someone strong enough to cut the weight and stop the swing. And all the time he's telling me this, his old wife -- who was also Old As The Hills, and would never ever die -- was making this.

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The River




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