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Lincoln: "A tribal necklace with a weird thing hanging from it. Neat. Do you think maybe these West African people were grifters? How much did you pay for this necklace?"
Emmet: "...And she gave it to me and she said that one day, I would meet a child who was strong enough."
Lincoln: "To do what?"
Emmet: "Fucking I just told you."

Lincoln: "Kinda vague."
Emmet: "Well, that's for the child to know. My place in things was that... I would know the one when I saw him. And when I did, I should give him this."
Lincoln: "Frankly, sounds like zombies. Sounds like I'm supposed to jumpstart a zombie apocalypse. With a magic necklace. It is within the realm of possibility that this show might suck sometime soon."
Emmet: "Nevertheless."

Baby Lincoln: "What if I lose it?"
Emmet: "We never lose the things that matter."

Skinny Man Lincoln: "...So that's when I realized my Dad doesn't matter."


Lincoln: "I guess part of it is that I'm jealous. I kind of never knew my Dad because he was always performing, and then we were estranged, and now he's a zombie. So the fact that you knew things about him that not even Tess did..."
Lena: "Whatever, I'm sketchy. Duh. Let's talk about your teddy bear."
Lincoln: "I got him after watching A Christmas Carol, in which Jacob Marley was my favorite part. Hence, Marbeley. If this show were more obvious with its literary roots, I'd probably call it Banquoy or something instead."
Lena: "And now look! Ghosts everywhere! And you just riling them up!"
Lincoln: "Oh, but it gets more interesting."
Lena: "Does it really?"
Lincoln: "When I was sixteen I chunked him in the Indian Ocean."
Lena: "You were a very well-traveled child, Jonny Quest."
Lincoln: "I was having Daddy Issues as usual, as I recall..."

When I was a little kid, my whole life was this bear. [Weirdly sudden change of tack.] And my Dad, he made me feel like I was the only thing in the whole world that mattered. You know? Like I was the light in his life... One day, that light went off. I don't know why, but nothing I could do could flick it back on again. I mean, I knew he loved me, but... Whatever quest he was on, I wasn't on the map.

Lena: "So to reiterate, he was a selfish Baby Boomer parent. Yeah, we got that. Like a hundred times. I just don't want you to hold it against me."
Lincoln: "I got something I could..."
Lena: "I'm being self-absorbed and needlessly portentous right now, Lincoln. As I was saying, I think he was protecting you by avoiding me... [To wit, verbatim] He knew what he was doing out here. That he'd be inviting in darkness. He wouldn't ever risk exposing you or Tess to that. But me? He could risk me."

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The River




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