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Deltrice is wearing a faux fur jacket and bright red lipstick, and looks more like a vampire crack whore than ever. I don't think that her song goes with the track at all. Something about wanting somebody to lay with her. Dallas seems to like it though, and he's the professional and obviously has a good ear. Or else has a vampire crack whore fetish. There was a shot of Jessica while Deltrice was singing that makes me think the two of them are going to have some sort of altercation, or else a lesbian love affair, later in the season.

Cori is next. Her song goes like this: "It's good to be me walkin' through the streets doin' what I like, yeahh/ Walkin' with my dog and seeing all the pretty clothes that I like, yeah-yeah/ And if the rain starts pouring, and I keep moving, all right, yeahhhh yeahhh." It's really stupid, but as my girlfriend pointed out, it was also maybe a little refreshing to hear somebody sing a song that wasn't all about getting laid. Mona notes that Cori had trouble with the track, and Nilyne interviews that Cori is more into "the rock thing" and can't hold it down with R&B or hip-hop. Teena tells Cori to watch her pitch, and Dallas says that she needs to have more confidence.

Nilyne steps up and sings the same song that she sang in the studio, about her crazy chemistry with Nic. Barf. Nic smiles and throws his hand towel over his shoulder. She tells the judges flirtatiously that she freestyled this song to Nic the other day, and that she was thinking about him when she wrote it. Mona says incredulously, "So that was actually written for Nic?" Nilyne pauses and giggles. Mona says, "Bye bye, Nilyne." Heh. Mona hates Nic.

Eddie is next. And I actually think that both Eddie and Akil out-hot Nic, so I don't know why everyone keeps talking about how good-looking he is. Eddie's rap has a good beat and some good lyrics -- something about the pastor to the priest to the pope, and a bastard sneaking dope -- and he performs it well. Mona says that he did a good job and made the track his. Eddie says, "I appreciate you, baby." Will someone please tell me why don't they give Eddie any screen time?

And then there's Akil. His little skinny calves stick out of his bunched up baggy pants, and his song is awesome. It's about a girl who's very fly -- too fly, in fact, for Akil to ask for her number. It also has about a million words, and gets a big round of applause from the other contestants. And I feel that it says a lot about his personality that Akil is too intimidated by a hot girl to ask her for her number, but also doesn't want her to feel bad because of it. Mona notes that Akil had those lyrics before, and that they just happened to fit with the track. He confirms this, but said that they clicked so well, that he had to use them. Mona says, "I mean, I think that that's a part of writing records too," which is kind of exactly the opposite of what she told Melissa just minutes ago. She continues, "You're a talented kid." She loves Akil. But I mean, who doesn't?

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