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You Ain't Confident, You're Cocky

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Mona sends the kids back to the bus and the judges deliberate about the two who will be up for elimination. Frank says that he told everybody he wasn't going under the spotlight (up for elimination) again. Akil says that being on the bus is psychologically tough, because every other day, someone gets eliminated. Melissa says that she's upset with herself because she knows she has what it takes to be there. No you don't, you baby.

The judges say that you can definitely tell who's paying attention. They think Melissa sings well and has a lot of personality, but Mona says that if she can't cut it in this environment, she might as well give it up right now. Teena says that she likes Yelawolf's spiritual lyrics, but that he needs to deliver them with conviction. She also says that Cori looks great, but was the weakest. Dallas thinks that Cori is out of her element. The judges agree that Nic is one-dimensional. Mona says that the judges keep giving Nilyne kudos for her sense of confidence, but "the subject matter has been iffy all along." Ha! Mona hates Nic. I bet she and Missy just laugh and laugh about him. Back on the bus, Marcus says he feels bad for Melissa. Frank shows his sympathy by eating a sandwich, and says that he feels bad for her too, but that it's a contest. The judges say that they have the two names for Missy. Commercials.

The contestants line up in front of the judges. Jessica says that she's not cocky or arrogant, and knows that the spotlight can be on her at any time. Eddie says that he was so nervous, his knees were shaking. We get no such comments from Nic. Mona says that, for two of the contestants, their life on the tour -- and their chance to win a recording contract, released single, and $100,000 -- is on the line. Mona calls for the spotlights, which touch upon all of the contestants before eventually settling on Cori and Nic. They will have to go before Missy and plead their cases. Nilyne says she's glad she wasn't singled out in the spotlight, but that it's hard because someone she's "gotten close to" may be leaving. Trust me, honey, it's better for you if he leaves. Melissa says that she feels happy and blessed to be there.

Nic the Dic says that he doesn't want to have to justify himself, because that's like admitting that he failed. He's such a loser. He boards the bus and faces Missy and the Pussies. Ebony Nipples looks particularly fierce tonight. Missy sucks on a green lollipop (sour apple, I bet!) and tells Nic that she thought he'd be one of the last ones standing. He says, "Keep your faith, man. It ain't over." Which makes Missy go, "Ooooh! Uh-uh, you ain't a judge, too, is you? Ha!" He says that Missy has the final say, but that it's not over for him. Missy says that he has to be cool until the very end. Ebony Nipples looks upon him with disgust. Missy says, "You's a mess," which I'm going to try to make into my new catchphrase.

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Road to Stardom




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