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Nic still thinks he's a triple threat. He says that Cori needed to be weeded out. He goes on the bus and says that everyone knew he was coming back. Frank looks pissed. Melissa says that the judges obviously like her and know that she has talent, and are trying to make her stronger. Yeah, I don't know. Cori says that she guesses she's not what Missy wanted, but that she's grateful to have been on the show. She's going to keep writing, performing, and recording, and says that she thinks we'll be seeing more of her. God, I hope not. Nilyne and Nic bask in pre-coital bliss as the bus rolls out of the parking lot, leaving Cori to hitchhike back to Orlando.

Next time on : Everyone's crying. Missy gets really tough. The kids perform at Missy's old high school, where somebody gets booed like s/he was Ashlee Simpson. Missy gives her elimination verdict and someone yells, "NOOOOOOO!"

During the credits, Missy says that Cori was a decent singer, but didn't have the ability to adapt. Missy felt like she wasn't stepping up, and didn't seem like she would go very far.

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