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Dairy Queens

Paris and Nicole primp in the mirror. I guess they're on a break or something. Nicole asks Paris if she saw the hot tub in the back yard. They look at each other and grin.

Cut to Paris and Nicole walking out the door wearing their bathing suits, which they coincidentally happened to bring with them or wear under their clothes, in case of just such an emergency. They head out to the hot tub and lie out in the sun. Danny drives by with another piece of machinery. He asks if they mind if he works while they rest. Paris defends herself by saying that they've been working hard all day. I hope they at least had the decency to punch out. What am I talking about? Like this is real. I hate this show because it's not a reality show, so I don't feel like I can criticize the people on it for their actions, because I truly believe they are scripted. But it's also not a strictly fictional show, so I can't really criticize the writing. Not that either of those things will stop me, but you know what I mean. Every time I start to work up a full head of steam about something, I stop myself. Anyway.

Paris and Nicole interview that Danny was rude to them and treated them like animals. Paris and Nicole take a nap inside Danny's house. Danny comes in and asks what they're doing and how long they've been asleep. Paris says they're just lying there and trying to sleep. Danny says he's decided to let them go, and that he thinks it would be easier to finish up by himself. Danny says that the girls have been there nine hours, and worked for six, so he has their pay -- forty-two dollars each. Danny adds, "I'm not sure exactly what it is what y'all are looking for in life, but I hope you find it." Paris and Nicole thank him, although I'm not sure that was a positive thing for him to say.

Paris and Nicole hop into Big Blue (their pick-up) and head home. Paris complains that they only got forty-two dollars for "all that work," and that they should have at least gotten fifty. Nicole complains that they only got five dollars an hour, and in defense of her math skills, maybe she's thinking that they were there nine hours, even though Danny clearly said they were only being paid for six. So she's more at fault for poor listening skills than poor math. Paris says that she hates cows.

Nicole and Paris sit somewhere and discuss their first day of work. Paris says she can't believe that they got fired on their first day. Nicole can't imagine doing that every day. Paris thinks Albert will be really upset, and Nicole says that she's scared to go home.

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