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Dairy Queens

Back at the house, Albert tells Janet that he just got a call from Danny, and that the girls got fired. Janet asks if he's really surprised, and Albert says he sort of is, because he figured they could handle working at the dairy. He looks out the window, where Paris and Nicole are just pulling in.

Paris and Nicole walk into the house and tell Curly that it was the worst day of their lives. They repeat that sentiment to Albert. After showering, they discuss whether Albert is really mad. Paris thinks that girls shouldn't have to do that kind of hard work. I'd like to see them repeat that to Janet. Or Curly, for that matter. Nicole says that they smelled really bad, and then says that she's looking forward to the barbecue that night. She thinks Justin might bring some hot guys. Yeah, hot underaged guys.

Cut to the barbecue, which consists of a group of people just standing around staring at each other. Nicole stands there with her arms folded. One guy who looks like he's probably someone's dad asks Nicole how she likes the country. Nicole giggles that it's different. She adds that it's boring, and continues giggling. Someone's Dad says that when you work forty or fifty hours a week, you don't have a lot of time for going out and such. He suggests that the girls have Justin take them for a ride to the mountains. Nicole giggles uncomfortably and looks around.

Back in the house, "I'm Too Sexy" plays as Paris preens in front of the mirror. They really couldn't come up with a better song for this segment? It's like a parody. Although maybe that's the point. Paris freaks me out with her floppy, toothpick limbs and jutting bones.

Back outside, Nicole says that she mostly does musical theater, but that she'll be cutting an album soon.

Paris preens some more and then peeks outside to see Nicole talking to all the men. Nicole asks Someone's Dad if he's ever flown. He hasn't. She asks if he wants to, and he says no. Sounds like my dad, who flew for the first time in his life about a year ago. And my mom flew for the first time in her life two months ago. What can I say? They're not big travelers.

Paris finally walks out of the house and tries to make an entrance, but she totally stumbles on the stairs. Heh. One of the guys says, "So your last name's Motel 6?" Oh, dear. Everyone stands around and doesn't talk some more. Paris and Nicole retreat inside. Nicole thinks the whole thing sucks. Paris wonders what their friends back in L.A. are doing, and adds that she doesn't want to think about it or she'll cry. Janet comes in holding Tinkerbell and asks the girls if they got cold outside. They did. Janet says that Tinkerbell was shivering, so Janet put her coat on for her. Tinkerbell's coat is purple with a pink furry collar. That coat probably cost more than the entire outfit I am currently wearing. But I'm probably more comfortable. Nicole asks if Justin's friends think they are weird. Janet says they probably don't know what to think, because Nicole and Paris "lead totally different lifestyles than what they're used to here." Janet says that the townfolk have no clue about Paris and Nicole, and the reverse is true as well. Janet interviews that the girls are struggling to fit in, and that she'll be surprised if they last a week.

Paris and Nicole go for a little walk, and talk over their situation. Paris asks Nicole if she's scared to talk to the Ledings. Nicole says she's not scared to talk to Janet, but that she's a little nervous about Albert because he's so calm all the time, and she feels like he has to burst at some point. She adds that Albert is the kind of guy who would suffocate her in her sleep. Paris bursts out laughing and says he wouldn't.

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