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Dairy Queens

Back at the house, Nicole asks Janet if Albert hates them, and says that they are scared of him. Janet laughs and asks why. Nicole says they think he hates them. Paris and Nicole are lying on top of each other again, like, what's up with that? Albert walks in with some pie, and the girls sit up and thank him. Janet mentions that the girls think Albert hates them. Albert asks why they think that. No one speaks. Albert says, "Stay scared, but know that I like you." He grins, but the girls don't. There was a lot of debate over that statement on the forums, but I think Albert was trying to say, "I'm still the boss around here, but I don't hate you."

In their room, Paris and Nicole discuss the situation further. Paris says that Albert is "just so cold" and "way too strict." She adds that they're going out anyway. At 12:46 AM, Paris and Nicole sneak out. Paris interviews that they are adults, and that they should do what they want. Yeah, I'm sure no one in the house heard the camera men moving around and then getting set up outside so that they could film Paris and Nicole running off. ["Maybe Nicole and Paris just hopped out the glassless windows in their room." -- Wing Chun] Paris and Nicole take off in Big Blue, like don't they know that the first rule of sneaking out is that you don't start the car until you are well out of the driveway? Albert peeks out the window, and some on-screen text reminds us that there are twenty-seven days to go.

Next time: Paris and Nicole make out with some boys and get a job at Sonic, which unsurprisingly doesn't seem to go very well.

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