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Green Acres

Back at the farm, Curly waits expectantly for the girls to return. She is seriously the cutest thing with her beehive hairdo. She reminds me of my Nan. Paris and Nicole pull up and realize that Curly is sitting next to a pile of dead chickens. Curly says that the girls are going to help her dress the chickens. She plans to show them how to clean them and get them ready for frying. Hey, that could be a useful skill someday. Like if they decide to go on Survivor or something. Paris is already refusing to do it. Poor Curly. I'm sure the producers told her to do this. Paris says she won't touch dead animals, and Nicole agrees. Paris turns around to get the groceries, and her saggy pants reveal her ass crack, which had to be pixilated out. That is so gross. How can you not know that your ass crack is hanging out? Paris and Nicole agree that they are not plucking anything. Nicole adds, "Except my eyebrows." Poor Curly just sits there and waits for the producers to tell her she can get back to work.

Paris, Nicole, and Tinkerbell sit on the couch and talk to Braxton. Paris is still talking about how she's not touching the chickens. She asks Braxton who killed the chickens, and whether they belong to the Ledings. Braxton says that they all killed the chickens. He is the cutest thing ever.

Curly comes inside and asks Paris and Nicole if she can talk to them. She asks if they will help her pluck the chickens, and promises to show them how. Paris says she can't get near a dead animal. Is she a vegetarian, then? Paris promises that she will vomit if she looks at a dead animal. Curly asks Nicole if she will help, while Paris leans down and wipes Braxton's mouth with a cloth. Paris actually looked maternal there for a second. That's scary. Nicole also says she has "a thing about dead animals." Curly tells them to think about it, and promises it won't be that bad. Paris softly says, "No way."

Curly and Richard pluck the chickens themselves. Curly tells Janet that if you live in the country, you have to fend for yourself. She adds that she's seen times when they would have starved if they hadn't killed and cleaned their own chickens.

At dinner, everyone stares at each other and no one is eating the hard-earned chicken. Why are they eating off Styrofoam plates? I saw on the chore board that one kid has to do the dishes, so I know they have them. That's just weird. The editors intercut shots of Paris rubbing her chin with footage of the chickens, like she's thinking about those poor defenseless animals, when in reality, she's probably thinking, "...." Everyone starts eating. Braxton says that the chickens are pretty good. Paris says, "Tastes like chicken!" Everyone laughs, and Nicole adds that she likes it.

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