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Green Acres

Richard asks if they've ever been to this part of the country before. Paris says that she only travels to Europe, L.A., or New York. Janet says that she couldn't imagine living in "a big city." That opens the floodgates for Paris and Nicole to shit all over Arkansas, as they agree that they would die if they lived there. I think there's a big difference between saying that you can't imagine living somewhere, and saying that you would die if you lived somewhere. After the laughter dies down, Nicole asks Justin and Cayne if they hang out at Wal-Mart. Paris asks what she's talking about. Nicole says she's just heard that. Paris asks, "What is Wal-Mart? Do they sell wall stuff?" Nicole starts cackling. I'm not going to comment, because Miss Hilton now claims that she knew what Wal-Mart was, and that she was just making a joke. I thought jokes were supposed to be, you know, funny, but what do I know? Nicole explains what Wal-Mart is, and says that people hang out there in the South. One of the boys mumbles something, and everyone laughs some more.

Janet shows the girls where they should sleep. Nicole says she sees a spider on the bed, and Janet tells them that it's actually a tick. Nicole asks, "Like with dogs?" Janet suggests that they check each other for ticks each night. Paris and Nicole ask if they can get ticks. Janet says that they can. Okay, that's kind of gross. Janet does not seem at all alarmed that she has ticks in her house. I've removed ticks from my dog, and I do not want one of those things near me. Plus, Lyme disease, although maybe the ticks in Arkansas don't carry that. Later, Paris and Nicole spot more bugs flying around. One of them lands on Nicole's head, and she starts freaking out while Paris, Justin, and Janet just laugh. Braxton runs in with a fly swatter. The cutest. Braxton swats some bugs. Paris and Nicole run out of the room while Braxton goes to town. He informs the girls that the bug will be icy cold in the morning, and Paris thanks him. I think when they have their pajamas on (t-shirts and pajama pants), Paris and Nicole almost look like normal people.

The narrator tells us that with the first day nearly over, it's time for Albert to lay down the law. Albert tells Paris and Nicole what they will be expected to do. They have to make their beds every morning, feed the cows, clear the table, and check in with the parents before they take the truck anywhere. One thing that bugs me about Paris and Nicole is that they're constantly hanging all over each other. I don't have a problem with being touchy-feely with friends, but they're just ridiculous. They're constantly intertwined. Albert adds that there will be "no cussing or bad language," and that they have a midnight curfew. Nicole thanks the Ledings for letting them stay there, and promises not to give them any trouble. She concludes, "We're nice girls, no matter what you've heard." Everyone has a good laugh at that one.

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