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I Know What Boys Like

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I Know What Boys Like

Paris and Nicole walk up to help their first customer. They argue over who will pump gas and who will clean the windshield. Nicole says she doesn't know how to clean windshields, and she's wearing a white coat. Paris says she doesn't know how to do it either. I'm sure the customer, who is STANDING RIGHT THERE, is feeling good about bringing his business to Buffalo's establishment. Paris interviews that Nicole has never pumped gas before, and has never even been to a gas station before. Nicole tells Paris to fuck off, because she has so, but she just doesn't like it. Who loves going to the gas station?

Paris and Nicole help another customer. Nicole asks if the kid is eighteen, but he's only seventeen. Daddy says he's too young, but he's old enough for me! Sorry, I jst channeled Winger for a minute. Nicole asks if he's in high school. The kid says he's finished, and Nicole calls him a "smart cookie." Because he has a late birthday and thus graduated at seventeen, along with, like, half of all students nationwide? Paris interviews that it's fun to interact with people. Nicole adds that after working with shitty cows, it's fun and exciting to see boys.

Two guys pull up in a truck and have to help Nicole figure out how to pump the gas. Nicole is far more interested in finding out if the guys are eighteen. They are! Hooray! Nicole moves onto Step Two: find out if they have girlfriends. One does, and one doesn't. Nicole interviews that they had a lot of different groups of guys. Cut to shots of Paris and Nicole talking to guys of various ages and sizes. Nicole interviews that they talked to some young guys as well. Cut to Paris and Nicole talking to the oldest man in the world. Paris asks how old he is, and he says that he'll be eighty-six on his next birthday. I think the guy either has no teeth, or isn't wearing his dentures, which makes him look a lot older. The guy grabs Paris and Nicole and hugs them, and says that he loves them. They gasp and giggle, and Paris tells him that he's hot. Hee?

Nicole spots a cute guy and points him out to Paris. Buffalo wanders up wearing (I shit you not) a camouflage jacket and cap, and a fur cape wrapped around his neck. The hell? I think this was something set up by the producers and then abandoned when something sort of interesting actually happened. Anyway, Buffalo says that the cute guy is his nephew. Cute Guy, whose name is Anthony, gets introduced to Paris and Nicole. Nicole asks if he goes to high school. He does. Does he have a girlfriend? He doesn't. Nicole is psyched. Nicole interviews that "Anthony is Buffy's nephew." "Buffy"? Heh. Paris and Nicole agree that Anthony is both sweet and nice.

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