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I Know What Boys Like

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I Know What Boys Like

Paris and Nicole go into the store to hang out with some more guys. Nicole introduces herself. Paris asks the guys what they do besides going bowling and seeing movies. One kid says that they go fishing sometimes and shoot rifles. Paris tells the guy that he should move to L.A. and be a model, mostly because he has great teeth. Everyone stands around awkwardly. Nicole interviews that she named the model kid "Chops" because of his super-white choppers, adding that she thinks he's hot. Paris gets Chops's phone number and promises to call him. The guys leave. Paris and Nicole get their pay in cash from Buffalo, who tells them to come back and work whenever they want. They say that they definitely will.

Back at the Leding farm, Janet asks how work went. Nicole eats the tiniest portion of chili ever as she explains that she and Paris love working there, and that they are in love with a boy named Chops. Janet cracks up. Nicole demonstrates how Chops smiles by pulling out her lips to reveal all of her teeth. Janet asks if they know his real name, and Nicole says that it's Trey Leonard or something. Janet realizes they are talking about Trey Linley. My mom can do the same exact thing. I'll go visit, and see some jagoff at the pizza shop and come home and describe him to my mom, and she knows exactly whom I'm talking about. And then my dad will pipe up and give me the kid's genealogical report, with my mom filling in any incidental gossip about divorces, shotgun weddings, and untimely deaths. Small-town life. Janet interviews that she's worried about the girls hanging out with small town boys, because they're kind of wild. Albert is worried about the "circumstances" that might come up.

Nicole interviews that it's nice to have some guys to hang out with in Altus, because all they do is work stupid jobs. Paris talks to Chops on the phone. Nicole is wearing arm warmers. Montage of Paris and Nicole hanging out with guys as a countrified version of "Feel Like Makin' Love" plays. And no, it's not the Kid Rock version. Think twenty-five times more banjos. The next day, Janet and Albert do work around the house while Paris and Nicole hang out with boys at the mall. This continues each day, with Albert and Janet hanging out at the house and wondering where the girls are, and Paris and Nicole hanging out with Chops and Anthony respectively. Nicole interviews that Anthony is a great guy to hang out with while she's in Altus. Paris agrees, but says she thinks Chops should come to L.A. and model. The montage concludes with Paris kissing Chops and Nicole kissing Anthony.

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