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I Know What Boys Like

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I Know What Boys Like

Janet decides to have a talk with the girls about the boy situation. Janet says that the girls don't have to hang out with the boys every day because "they're breaking up with their girlfriends." Paris and Nicole think this is hilarious. Janet asks how many guys they will be taking back to L.A. I thought Janet was making an STD reference here. I totally didn't get it. But then Janet explains that the girls have made promises to every guy in town about modeling or acting careers, and that the girls might be joking, but the guys think it's legit. Janet says that one guy is telling everyone he already has a modeling career. Paris and Nicole want to know who it is. Janet doesn't want to say, but they figure out that she's talking about Chops. Nicole cracks up, but Paris says she really thinks he could be a model. He probably could, but I do think Paris and Nicole are leading him on, a little. Janet points out that the boys are young, and that she's just asking the girls to calm down and stay away from them for a little bit. She adds that Albert agrees with her. Paris and Nicole pout. Paris asks Nicole what she wants to do, and we cut to another "making out with boys" montage.

Not Waylon says that even though the Ledings have forbidden the girls from hanging out with the boys, the girls don't listen. Paris and Chops walk down the street, arm in arm. Paris asks Chops what he did that day, and Chops says he went to the dentist. This leads to some talk about Chops's teeth. Paris apologizes for the nickname, and Chops says he doesn't mind. Paris interviews that she likes hanging out with Chops, because he's a special person. Paris tells Chops that she never thought she'd meet someone in Altus, and that she really just came there to prove that she could do it, but that she would've gone insane if she hadn't met him. Anthony tries to feed Nicole some sweet talk about how much fun it's been, and how he thinks Nicole is "crazy and outspoken." Nicole responds, "You're a hot bitch," and starts making out with him. Paris and Chops are still sweet-talking each other. Chops says he can't believe he's hanging out with Paris Hilton. Paris says that Chops is the hottest guy in Arkansas, and that he could move to New York and be a model. Meanwhile, Nicole and Anthony are still making out. Nicole pulls away and says randomly, "You smell like onions!" Heh. Chops tells Paris that everyone thinks she's stuck up, but that if they got to know her, they would see that she is sweet. Paris has run out of nice things to say, so she tells Chops again that he's a special guy. They kiss. Paris interviews that she felt fifteen again. Paris says goodbye to Chops and walks away.

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