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I Know What Boys Like

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I Know What Boys Like

Back at the Leding house, Janet sits and waits for the girls. She decides to call the gas station. The phone rings, but no one answers it. Finally, some random guy answers and says that the girls have been helping out. Janet must ask who else is there, because the guy lists off Anthony and Chops. Paris dashes for the phone and asks Janet what time she needs to be home. Paris hangs up and says that they have to go home in half an hour. One hour and ten minutes later, Paris calls Janet to say that they are leaving right now. Paris leaves a message to that effect, and the girls leave.

The next morning, Janet asks the girls about their plans for the day. Paris says that their friends are going to pick them up and take them to town. Janet asks which friend, and Paris says, "Anthony Leding." So is he related to them or what? It seems weird that it's never mentioned. Paris says that they made these arrangements last night. Albert says that they talked about checking with each other before making plans. Nicole and Paris are actually doing the dishes! Nicole makes some excuse, and Albert says that he'll see if Justin can run them into town. Nicole and Paris complain to each other about how they are trapped. Albert gets Becky, Janet's sister, to take the girls into town, and then informs the girls. Paris refuses Becky's help, but Albert isn't having it. Paris doesn't understand why they can't go to the mall with their friends at noon. I don't either, actually. If the Ledings want to spend time with the girls, why not plan something concrete, instead of, "Let's just all hang out together all weekend." Paris points out that she's not asking to go to a club. Albert reminds the girls about their talk yesterday. Paris says that they're not going out tonight. Albert gets a little pissed off, and reminds Paris that they had an understanding that the girls would not make plans without running them by Albert. Paris asks if he's saying that they can't go. The argument goes back and forth some more. Paris says that she was allowed to go to the mall alone at twelve, and Albert says that's not the point: they need to run things by the Ledings before making plans. Albert leaves the room, and Paris bitches some more.

Janet, Albert, and two boys are standing outside. One of them is a Leding son -- Justin, I think -- and the other kid isn't. Albert says he thinks the girls are upset. Janet suggests that Albert be the bad cop, and she'll be the good cop. They're all cracking up. Justin interviews that since the girls got there, his dad hasn't been the same, because the girls come home late, so he has to stay up and wait for them, and he also has to do all their chores. Albert says that he won't let the girls go out this weekend.

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