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So Long!

The episode begins with a little recap of everything that's happened so far, which is an insult to viewers who suffered through the Reunion episode that aired the night before the finale. I'm guessing the producers didn't have enough footage to make up a half-hour episode, which is really amazing when you consider that FOX is running another episode next week as "The Lost Episode." Sigh. Milk that cash cow, FOX! Not Waylon concludes the recap segment by letting us know that the girls have "scraped by on their charm and good looks" (both of which are debatable, if you ask me) until now. Cut to a shot of Nicole screaming that her purse is missing and tossing bleach out into the bar, and then dumping it on the pool table. The funniest part (which I didn't notice the first time around) is that there is a couple sitting near Nicole, and they do not even flinch when she tosses the bottle of bleach right past their heads. Maybe it was the second take? Then some on-screen text promises that this is the last two days.

Not Waylon tells us that the girls' last night in town isn't going exactly as planned. We rehash Nicole walking around the bar asking if anyone has seen her purse. Shannon, the bar manager, interviews that the girls can be very sweet, but then they will turn on you "like the biggest bitches in God knows what." Nicole realizes that her jacket is missing as well. Maybe she shouldn't have left her purse and jacket just lying around in a bar, you know? I'm not saying it was right for someone to steal them, but seriously. Take some responsibility. Nicole goes through a pile of jackets, looking for her own, and finds a bottle of bleach instead. She tosses it out into the bar, screeching. Nicole continues screaming at everyone while Paris pulls up her tube top and laughs. Nicole dumps some bleach on the pool table as Paris warns that Nicole's about to get kicked out. Shannon walks up and tells Nicole that no one else would get away with this behavior, and that Nicole won't either. Nicole is fine with that, and wants to leave. Paris tries to placate Nicole, but Nicole heads for the door. Paris follows, and the bar patrons start hooting and hollering. A few of them yell, "Go home, rich bitch!" and the like. I don't think it was more than three or four people yelling those things. Most of the bar patrons were just looking down at the table or trying to pretend the whole thing wasn't happening. The girls head home, and Nicole walks into the house alone.

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