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So Long!

The next day opens with the Leding family dog rolling around on his back in the lawn. That was, to me, the most interesting thing about this episode. My dog does the same thing in both grass and snow. Is he trying to scratch his back? Leaving a scent marker? Just happy? Dogs are mysterious. Anyway, Albert comes into the girls' bedroom and says he needs to talk to Nicole, who is lying in bed. Paris is psyched that she doesn't have to be involved in this discussion, and runs out the door. Albert sits down and says that he's disappointed, and asks Nicole to explain what happened last night. Paris eavesdrops the whole time. Nicole giggles that she really doesn't know what happened. Albert asks if she really doesn't remember, and then says that it's not really a problem anymore. He says that he and Janet tried to set guidelines for the girls. Nicole says she's really sorry. Albert says she always apologizes first, but that her apologies don't have any effect. Nicole haltingly tries to explain, and then concludes that she doesn't know what to say. Albert decides to leave it at that, and Nicole apologizes again. As Albert walks out the door, you can totally see Paris scrambling away in the background. Nicole laughs about it, so she's clearly not sorry.

Janet asks Albert how the conversation went. Albert says it was okay. Janet advises Justin either to become a priest or to be a bachelor all his life, but not to deal with women. I know she's just kidding, but is it really a good message to tell Justin that all women are like Paris and Nicole? Justin giggles nervously.

Paris and Nicole discuss Albert in their bedroom. Paris says that Albert is not used to having daughters, and that he's acting like they killed someone. Nicole giggles and giggles. Paris interviews that the whole thing started because she and Nicole wanted to prove that they're not just spoiled brats, and that she thinks they've done a pretty good job. They have? Show of hands -- anyone think they're not spoiled brats after watching this show? Nicole explains to Janet what happened. She says that Justin is going back to the bar today to see if Nicole's purse showed up. Nicole says that she'll call Shannon and apologize. Janet interviews that the girls had to go into town and pay off their debts and apologize, and then all would be right with the Leding family.

Paris and Nicole meet with the Mayor, who says that she's had a few phone calls from people around town about their debts. The Mayor says that they owe money to the co-op. Didn't Paris give him her credit-card number? They also owe money to Buffy's convenience store, so they head there first.

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Simple Life




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