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So Long!

Buffy tells the girls that their balance is over $250. What in the hell did they buy? I'm guessing a lot of beer. Nicole offers him a hug in place of the money. I think these girls truly don't understand that these small-town businesses can't just comp you for stuff like a fancy hotel or restaurant would do. I wish part of Paris and Nicole's stay had included running some sort of business where they had to turn a profit, instead of entry-level jobs in the dairy industry. It would have taught them a lot more, I would bet. Of course, they would have just screwed it up. Buffy interviews that the girls' coming is one of the bigger things that's ever happened in Altus, because they've never had the circus come to town. Buffy gives each girl a big hug and says that if they don't pay him, he's going to come and see them, and that he might come and see them anyway. Paris interviews that they've never met people like those in Altus, and that they're real characters. As the girls leave, Buffy reminds them again to send him a check, and Paris promises that it's in the mail. I wonder if he ever got his money?

Paris and Nicole now head to a bar. They pay off their bar tab. The bartender voice-overs that a lot of people will remember Paris and Nicole's trip to Arkansas -- some good and some bad. Nicole shows off the tattoo on her hip. Classy. Seriously, is there anything more boring than watching these two pay off their debts and say goodbye?

Nicole heads to Shannon's bar and apologizes. Shannon says she appreciates it, but that Nicole is very lucky that there wasn't more damage done. Shannon interviews that sometimes you want to strangle the girls (sometimes?), but then they come in and act sweet and smile and you want to forgive them. Shannon advises Nicole to stay out of trouble, and Nicole says that she always does. Shannon interviews that the girls might act innocent, but that they're not.

Paris and Nicole go to pick up their photos. Ooh, exciting! Nicole says that she's going to miss the Leding family. Nicole interviews that Chops and Anthony know that the girls were only in town for a month, but that Anthony and Chops might come to L.A. to visit.

Paris and Nicole drive home in the truck. Nicole says that she's really glad Paris shared this adventure with her, because she couldn't have done it with anyone but her best friend. Paris agrees. Paris spots something on the side of the road and asks what it is. Nicole replies, "Dinner." Paris screeches to a stop so that they can get a closer look. Paris says that she's never seen roadkill in L.A., and Nicole hasn't either. We get a lovely close-up of a squished possum on the road. Nicole grabs a pitchfork and a rake from the back of the truck, and the girls try to scoop up the possum. Nicole comments that it looks like the possum's heart is coming out of its mouth, and that they should bring it to Curly and tell her it's for dinner. The girls work together to scoop up the possum and throw it in the back of their truck. Well, Nicole does most of the work while Paris giggles and says they can make a belt out of it. Paris voice-overs that they failed at other gross jobs, and then they picked up roadkill for fun. Back in the truck, the girls argue over who will get the fur. Paris says she saw it first, and Nicole says she picked it up, and they dissolve in laughter.

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