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So Long!

Paris and Nicole start packing up. Paris asks Nicole what she will do first when they get home. Nicole says that she'll eat sushi and get her nails done. Paris says that she wants to get in her car and drive around while talking on her cell phone. Then, not at all on a prompt from production, Nicole says that she'll really miss the old lady from the quilting bee. Why? Did they ever see her again after that one day? This is really just an excuse for a flashback. Nicole and Paris agree that they also love Otis, the old guy they met at the gas station. Nicole and Paris interview that they'll miss Curly and Janet, and the whole Leding family, but that they won't miss their room, since they were living on a porch.

The cab arrives to take the girls to the airport. Nicole says that they have a lot of luggage, and the cabbie promises that they'll get it all in there somehow. None of the Ledings can drive them to the airport? That's weird. Nicole and Paris wheel out their eight million pieces of luggage. The cab driver eventually runs out of room in the taxi, but what actually happens with the extra luggage is never resolved, so who cares?

Paris presents Curly with a blanket to remember her by. Curly is visibly touched. I wish Curly had been the star of this show. It would have been a lot more interesting, too. Janet sits in the doorway of the girls' room and cries. Paris says she's sad, and hugs Janet. Nicole hugs Janet, too. Paris points out that, at first, they didn't even want to go to Altus, and now they don't want to leave. Paris tells Janet that she's a really great mom, and that it's special to see how close she is to her family. Paris adds that they want Janet to come to L.A. to visit. I would actually watch that show. Nicole says that Janet can get hot pink extensions, and Janet says, "That's okay," meaning, "No way in hell." We get a shot of the girls' room, and it's a total disaster. I hope they picked up a little more than that before they left.

Janet explains to Braxton that Paris and Nicole are leaving. Paris and Nicole give Braxton hugs. He asks if they're going to come back. Nicole says that they want him to come to L.A. so that they can take him to Disneyland. Braxton asks his mom if they know where L.A. is, and Janet laughs that they do. Paris interviews that they love Braxton, and Nicole says that Braxton asked her to be his sister. I would totally watch a show featuring Janet, Curly, and Braxton going to L.A. ["Maybe it'll be on CBS, if they follow through with their threat to do a reality version of The Beverly Hillbillies." -- Wing Chun]

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