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The manager gives the girls hairnets, and they change into their uniforms. They giggle over how stupid the hairnets look. Paris starts singing Adam Sandler's lunch lady song. Nicole says she's going to start crying because she looks so ugly. I don't think she looks that different from the way she usually looks. Paris is wearing red spike-heeled sandals with her Sonic uniform. At least they match. Are those the shoes she wore there, or did she bring extra shoes to change into? The manager (whom I'm just going to call Red, since she has red hair) shows Nicole and Paris to the food-assembly area (let's not fool ourselves and pretend that fast food is actually cooked). Now you know this is staged, because fast-food workers don't get to work the grill on the first day. You start out taking orders, and then you move to the drive-thru, and then you might get promoted to the grill. Nicole fills up drink cups. Paris learns to answer the speaker. Red tells Paris what to say, and Paris manages to take an order with Red's help, which is a little sad, since all she has to do is find the button that says "burger" or whatever and push it.

Paris starts taking orders on her own, and adding her own twist to the standard greeting by saying things like, "Hey, what's up?" Nicole waves to a guy while he orders, and tells him that he's hot. Red tells Paris to say, "Thank you and have a great day." Paris improvises, "Thanks, bitch. Have a great day." Red doesn't smack her, for some unknown reason. Paris tells the camera that taking orders is fun. Yeah, until some lady yells at you for no reason, or insists that you screwed up her order when you totally didn't, or behaves in any one of the other million ways that people act and which make customer-service jobs suck.

Nicole takes the trash out by dragging it along the ground, leaving a trail of gunk along the way. Paris swipes a cherry from the preparation area. There's a Paris's cherry joke in there somewhere but I don't want to look. Nicole laughingly pretends to jerk off the milkshake machine and ends up poking a hole in the bottom of the milkshake cup and spilling ice cream all over. Nicole hoses down the parking area and sprays some guys with water in the process. Red gives Paris an order to take out to a car while another worker watches. She's probably the assistant manager. I'm going to call her Bev, because she looks exactly like this girl I worked with one summer in a convenience store/ice cream shop/deli, and her name was Bev. I kind of hated her. She was always spying on me, for some reason. Paris delivers food to various people. Red asks if they know how to skate, and puts the girls on roller skates to deliver the food, and of course, Paris nearly falls and drops the food all over the place.

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