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The Simple Life Reunion

Leeza introduces a clip package of never-before-seen clips of Braxton being cute. Leeza asks the girls how much they loved Braxton. Paris says that they are obsessed with Braxton, and Nicole says that he can hold an adult conversation. I wonder how many little kids they've been around, because Braxton is cute, but he's hardly a wonder child. Leeza asks Braxton if he likes the girls, and he nods and looks scared. Leeza asks if he missed them when they left, and Braxton doesn't really answer and tries to hide behind Janet. Leeza asks if he can come over and sit with her, and then thinks to ask Janet and Albert's permission. Poor kid. Braxton walks over, and Leeza says that he can sit between the girls if he wants. Braxton would rather sit by himself. Smart boy. He points at Leeza and asks, "What's up?" Everyone dies laughing, including his family. Leeza says that Albert has raised three boys, but that Braxton can do chores. Albert agrees. Leeza points out that Braxton covered for Paris and Nicole on occasion, and asks how many times the girls made their own beds. Nicole says that Paris always made the bed, and Paris says that she made the bed while Nicole was still in it.

After seeing the clip of Nicole shoving her fist up a cow's ass, we're back to the reunion. Leeza says that she has to give Nicole credit for that moment, because Leeza couldn't do it. Nicole says that you really have to put a lot of force into it, and she keeps referring to the cow as "he," which makes me think that she didn't learn a lot about animals on her trip. I'm not sure why she would be pregnancy-testing a male, anyway. Leeza points out that Paris ran away screaming. Paris says that she was grossed out, and that Nicole did a lot of things that she wouldn't. Leeza says that the 9-5 schedule wasn't for them. Nicole says that it was more like 5-5, and that they probably could have handled it otherwise. Leeza asks Janet if the girls were late for everything. Janet says that they were, and one day the Ledings were excited, because the girls left the house on time, but the girls were late for work anyway.

Leeza offers the girls the chance to apologize to the Ledings for any wrongdoing. Paris and Nicole say that they love the Ledings, and that they're sorry. Wow, how sincere. Leeza says she thinks the girls could have gotten away with anything with Curly, and she asks Curly how much she loves the girls. I think it would have been funny if Curly had said she saw Paris's sex tape, and she hates her now. ["Or, 'I love Paris, but not the way that guy loved Paris.'" -- Wing Chun] Curly says that she loves them like they were her granddaughters, and everyone applauds. Leeza says that you have to respect a woman who can get four stories of hair looking that good. Um, Leeza? She's right there! Fuck off. Leeza repeats the mantra, "The higher the hair, the closer to God," and Curly agrees.

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