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Leeza says that we never saw much about Nicole's love for seafood. Cut to a clip package where Buffy shows Paris and Nicole how to scoop minnows out of a tank for people buying live bait. Nicole encourages Buffy to eat a live minnow, and he does. Nicole follows suit. The audience applauds. Leeza asks Nicole if she got sick. Nicole says she did, but that Buffy dared her to do it. Leeza invites Buffy up to the stage, and he gets hugs from the girls, and from Leeza. Leeza asks him to say "Good Lord." The audience totally doesn't react. Leeza says that Buff was the one boss who didn't fire the girls. Buff says that they were good for business, because they brought in a lot of people. Leeza asks if he feels guilty for making Nicole sick. Buffy says that Nicole threw up because she was chewing tobacco. Classy.

Leeza welcomes us back from the break and says that everyone knows that Paris and Nicole are "party girls," and she wonders if they enjoyed the change from Beverly Hills to Arkansas. Paris diplomatically recites the line someone fed her backstage: "The nightlife here is definitely different." Leeza asks what's so different. Paris mentions the restaurants and places, and then decides that it's really all about the people. In Arkansas, everyone is nice and sweet. Leeza asks how Nicole and Paris would rate the boys. Nicole says the best thing about the boys in Arkansas is that they don't realize how hot they are. Leeza says that Albert worried about the girls, and he agrees that he did. Leeza asks if he stayed up at night waiting for Paris and Nicole, since they had a midnight curfew. Albert says that they had a curfew, but that they didn't meet it all the time. Paris and Nicole claim that they were only late twice. Okay, this next part is kind of grody. Leeza asks Richard, the grandpa, if he would date Paris and Nicole if he were younger. First, he's married. And his wife is right there! And second, way to give him an opportunity to look like a dirty old man. Richard says he would have if he were a lot younger, and everyone laughs and applauds. Paris and Nicole tell Richard that he's "a hot animal." I don't know.

This leads to a clip package of Paris and Nicole with the local boys. After it's over, Leeza marvels at how naturally flirting comes to the girls. Leeza asks Paris if every man she's ever met has fallen in love with her. The hell? What kind of question is that? Did she really think Paris was going to say yes? Paris says no. Leeza mentions the moment when Nicole suggested a threesome with Justin. Nicole says that she says inappropriate things a lot, because she has no filter. Leeza asks if they think of Justin as a brother, and Paris says that they feel that way about all the Leding boys. Leeza looks at Justin and snaps her fingers like, "Darn!" This is the second most grody part, because his parents are right there, and he's underage. If he were a girl, and two older guys were talking about having a threesome, charges would probably be filed. So why is this okay? Leeza asks whether Albert knew about the issue before seeing it on the show. Albert says that since it was his son, he wasn't impressed, but that if it were someone else, he probably would have found it funny.

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