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The Simple Life Reunion

Leeza brings up Chops and Anthony. Nicole says that she and Paris met them at Buff's, and that Anthony and Chops are sweet and polite. Leeza says that "Chops" was a great nickname, since he has sparkling teeth and a huge smile. Leeza announces Chops and Anthony. They walk out and hug the girls. I think a stylist got to Anthony, because he looks pretty hot, and I never thought he was cute before. He looks like Josh Hartnett. Leeza asks what it was like to be with the girls. Chops doesn't have much to say except that it was different, but after a while, it was normal. Leeza says that he seemed to have a crush on Paris, and Chops agrees that he did. Leeza wonders, "How do you keep them down on the farm after they've had Paris?" Except she pronounces it "Par-ee." Everyone laughs, because she basically just said that Paris and Chops did it. Leeza realizes her mistake, and everyone hoots and hollers. Leeza tries to get Anthony to bail her out, like, is that really his job? Leeza says that Anthony laid some good kisses on Nicole, and Anthony says that he tried. Leeza asks if Nicole is a good kisser, and Anthony says she is. Leeza says that Anthony hasn't had any onions tonight. Nicole says that she has a boyfriend, and she gives Anthony a kiss on the cheek. Leeza thinks it's great that they're all good friends. Like they've talked to each other since Paris and Nicole left Arkansas. The guys take off.

Leeza asks Paris and Nicole if they loved being in Altus. Paris and Nicole say that it's a cute town. Leeza awkwardly segues into an introduction of a clip package about a time when Paris and Nicole wanted to leave. In the clips, Paris keeps whining that she wants to leave, and Nicole says that they're being treated like children. Braxton asks the girls if they're leaving, and whether they'll be coming back. Wow, that was fascinating. Leeza asks whether the girls really thought about leaving. Nicole says that they're shooting film all the time, and that no one's life is perfect all the time, and that they missed their families. Leeza says that the stricter parent was definitely Albert. Nicole says she understands where Albert were coming from, but that she and Paris are adults, and hadn't had strict rules in a long time. ["In the sense of 'ever.'" -- Wing Chun] Paris adds that Albert never had daughters. Leeza says that girls are a whole different story, and Janet agrees. Leeza says that she has both sons and a daughter, and "you worry about the girls." Yeah, because who cares if your son knocks someone up? Thanks for that enlightened view of gender differences, Leeza. Janet says that she worried about the girls all the time. Albert agrees.

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