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We'll Have A Gala Old Time

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We'll Have A Gala Old Time

The Mayor voice-overs that, in a small town, everyone knows your business. The hairdresser from earlier asks the guy in her chair if he's heard the rumor about the new girls in town. What rumor? Haircut Guy has heard the rumor, and says he doesn't know if it's true. Again, what rumor? The mayor interviews that people are concerned about the girls' behavior and language. Paris gets Tinkerbell dressed up to go to City Hall. Tinkerbell is wearing a pink cotton onesie and tiny pink leather sneakers. Normally, I am against dressing up dogs in whole outfits, except when I put my dog in a Halloween costume, because that's just funny. But then again, isn't the whole point of tiny dogs like Chihuahuas to be ornamental? It's not like they are working dogs of any sort. So why not dress them up? Besides, the pink sneakers are kind of cute, and Tinkerbell doesn't look like she minds them. Like my dog hates his Halloween costume, and immediately starts ripping it off in any way that he can. But Tinkerbell just kind of dances around the room. Paris and Nicole get in the truck with Tinkerbell and drive off.

Cayne interviews that everyone in school is talking about the girls being there. He emphasizes, "Everybody knows that they're here." Curly asks what the other students say. Cayne says, "One of them walks like a penguin." Cut to Curly nodding and saying, "That's what I heard, at the beauty shop." Whuh? What does that even mean? Are they trying to pretend that the rumor going around town is that one of the girls walks like a penguin? Why would that even be a rumor? Couldn't people just look at her and see if it's true? I just don't understand this show. It's not real enough to be a reality show and it's not funny enough to be a sitcom.

Paris, Nicole, and Tinkerbell arrive at City Hall and the Mayor greets them. They all sit down, and the Mayor starts filling out a form. She asks if Tinkerbell has any problems with children, or antisocial tendencies. This is so dumb, because if she was violent toward children, do you think the Ledings would let her stay at their house with Braxton? And also, Braxton could just step on Tinkerbell if she tried anything. Paris says that Tinkerbell is the sweetest dog. The Mayor asks if Tinkerbell has "ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease." What? Was that supposed to be funny? Paris giggles and says that Tinkerbell is a virgin. The Mayor gives them a pink certificate that some poor PA had to make using Publisher. The Mayor asks the girls to be co-chairpersons of the town's Springtime Gala, and the girls agree.

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