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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

They both sit. Sark drops the foreign language bit and says something about how neither side was supposed to have the advantage. "You can see me," he says in his lovely British accent. "I cannot see you." Syd's all, you know who in the hell I represent, okay? Can we just get on with this? Sark's all, not so fast, sistah. You're associated with some random jihad, right? She's all, uh-huh. He's all, well, then, you're familiar with some jihad-related sword fighting then, right? She's all, uh, what? Dude. I'm just here to give you some fake formula, okay? He's all, grab a sword and let's get dancing.

Meanwhile, Vaughn's all, Syd! Sydney! Girlfriend! Get OUTTA there! He's yelling so loud that I'm surprised Sloane can't hear him all the way back in the Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Syd tries sticking to the plan, but Sark's relatively insistent. Also, he has a couple of big-ass sword thingys in his hands.

Of course, Vaughn has nothing to worry about because, as we all know, Sydney's been trained in karate, jujitsu, tai chi, aikido, hapkido, sambo, ninjutsu and, as it happens, bizarre jihad-related sword fighting. She basically kicks Sark's ass and the trading commences.

Sark opens up his briefcase and pulls out the box of diamonds. Sydney opens her Indonesian handbag and produces the ampoule. They exchange. Sydney palms the fake ampoule and hides it beneath a little green felt thing and proceeds to pretend to check the diamonds for authenticity. Sark proceeds to test the contents of the ampoule for authenticity. Vaughn proceeds to inexplicably look around the marketplace with his binoculars and comes upon Dixon, making his way through the crowd.

Vaughn informs Sydney of Dixon's arrival, just as someone shoots the guards outside the black market meeting place. Sydney hurriedly announces to Sark that the diamonds are okey-dokey and wants to know if they have a deal. Sark's not quite finished yet with his testing process. Vaughn yells at Sydney that Dixon's at the gate and that she should make the switch, like, NOW.

And here's where I have NO idea where the real ampoule goes. Just as Sydney forces Sark to agree to the deal and they stand up to shake hands, Dixon enters with his gun drawn, yelling at everyone to get their hands in the air. It looked like Sydney had the palmed fake ampoule in her hand, but I'm not sure. It also looked like Sark dropped the real ampoule into his inner suit pocket. This is certainly going to be important later but right now? No fucking clue.

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