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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

While Devlin just stares at Vaughn like he's grown another forehead to accompany his litany of creases, Agent A-Team is all, we're gonna pose as insurance agents or somethin' and we're gonna inspect the security system and blah blah blah you gettin' all this? Syd managed to download the mission specs from the apparently easy-to-get-into SD-6 mainframe, so she knows all about the security system and how to bust it. Agent A-Team finishes up his Devlin discussion by saying that this is their best shot at Kasineau. Devlin succinctly says, "Do it."

Finally, back in the Subbasement of Dreams and Desires, Syd gets assurance from Vaughn that he'll deal with the op-tech and then informs him that she has to go to the hospital to visit with Sloane's Cancer-Ridden Wife, a.k.a. "Aunt Emily." Agent Amorous tells Syd that he's sorry about Aunt Emily. God. He's so transparent. Just nail her already, okay? Jesus.

Meanwhile, Willage is hanging out at Chick Music, Ltd. waiting on the rat exterminator. Willage is on the phone, trying to get the number for the pest control place. He goes to get a pen in order to write the number down, pulls open a drawer, shoves past a picture of Spy Daddy, grabs a big black marker, and starts to write down the number. There's a knock at the door and Willage rightly assumes it's the rat dude. The guy enters and Willage shows him where the problem is and, for some strange reason, I get the feeling that this "rat dude" is bad news. Don't know why. Maybe I have trust issues.

After hovering over Rat Dude for a minute, Willage conveniently glances over at the open drawer and just NOW notices the picture of Spy Daddy. He goofballs over and picks up the picture. While Rat Dude starts asking Willage if he has kids or household pets or plants that need watering, Willage pulls out some plastic wrap, places it over the picture, grabs the marker and draws a little black mask over Spy Daddy's face. That was awfully considerate of him to use the plastic wrap and not ruin the picture. I'm not sure I'd be all that thoughtful. Of course, I'm the girl who recently went through all her old pictures and drew devil horns and goatees all over the face of the guy who should die in a bizarre gouda cheese incident as soon as possible, so I don't really think "thoughtful" is part of my repertoire.

Anyway, after drawing the Magic Marker mask over Spy Daddy's face, Willage has the stunning epiphany that it was indeed Spy Daddy who kidnapped his sorry ass oh-so-recently. Yes, this entire scene is totally contrived. No, it doesn't really make sense. Yes, it furthers the plot rather conveniently. No, I don't really care. Yes, Willage's hair looks rather dashing in this scene and I find myself kind of digging his chili and I don't really want to talk about it right now.

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