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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

Willraldo orders a beer and Spy Daddy asks him what he wants to talk about. Will's all, let's chat about Sydney first. "Does she know that you kidnapped me?" he says, getting right to the point, which is making me like him more. Did I say shoot me? Yeah. Do it. DO IT NOW. Spy Daddy actually LAUGHS, a first for this show, and tells Willraldo that he's mistaking him for someone else. Willraldo spews out the details about his story and how, if he dies, it'll get published.

Spy Daddy's all, dude. You seem kinda tense. Will's all, yeah, you'd be tense too if some weird guy was calling you up and telling you that your non-girlfriend's father kidnapped you. Victor Garber manages to communicate with a simple twitch of his eyes that this is SO not kosher with him. Will babbles on about Deep Throat and all the hints and clues he's providing Will with.

"Now, I don't know if you work for SD-6 or if you're responsible for the deaths of Daniel Hecht and Eloise Kurtz," says Will. "I don't even know if you're protecting Sydney or if she needs to be protected from you! But just tell me what you know! Convince me that you put Sydney's interests first. That in some sick, bizarre twist of fate, you and I are on the same side."

Spy Daddy just glares at Willraldo. "My concern for Sydney," rasps Spy Daddy, "is not yours to judge." Oooh, shivers. Will repeats that he wants Spy Daddy to convince him by helping him to put a stop to whatever is going on. In return for Spy Daddy's help, Will offers to help find out just who Deep Throat is. "Because," says Will, tossing money on the bar, "I got a feeling that he's somebody you'd like to meet." Heh. Heh heh. Dammit! I don't want to like Will! Gah!

After the break, wherein ABC informs me that Jami Gertz will be portraying Gilda Radner in an upcoming biopic, something I did NOT need to know, we're at some random house somewhere and a dog is barking and Spy Daddy's standing at a door and Devlin's walking up, tying his robe closed. Devlin dismisses the security guard that accompanied Spy Daddy. "There's been a breach," says Spy Daddy. "Without containment, our entire operation could be compromised."

Devlin wants to know who the source is. Spy Daddy's best guess is Steven Haladki, a.k.a. "The Weasel." How appropriate that nickname seems now...Devlin questions Spy Daddy's supposition that The Weasel is responsible. Spy Daddy serves up a shopping list of reasons why The Weasel is the squealer. Devlin brings up something about The Weasel filing a report on The Prophecy and how there was mention of Spy Daddy threatening him at gunpoint in order to get Sydney's whereabouts during her questioning. God, this scene is useless. If it weren't for Victor Garber...

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