46 Long

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46 Long

Tony pulls the Suburban off of what looks like Route 17 and up to a payphone. Another quick cut to Christopher snatching the phone off the hook as soon as it rings and yammering, "T, don't get mad -- there's been a little shit. Now, I had nothing to do with it," and he fills Tony in on what happened with the driver of the truck. Tony closes his eyes wearily: "Oh, fuck." Behind Christopher, we see Brendan pacing around; Christopher says that Brendan "didn't fence the load" because they think maybe Mario "dimed them to Junior the last time." Tony curses and starts slamming the receiver on the housing. He stands on the shoulder for a minute to calm down as the receiver swings back and forth in the air.

Tony gets out of the Suburban. Silvio apologizes for "having to wreck a Saturday like this" for Tony. Inside, the boys look through the hijacked suits as Christopher and Brendan stand next to each other, trying not to wig; Tony chastises them, adding as an afterthought, "It's beautiful stuff, though." Brendan tries to apologize; Tony tells him to shut up. Christopher repeats that he had "nothing to do with this," and Brendan pipes up that that's true, Christopher "stood home"; Tony tells Brendan to shut up again before asking Christopher, "You 'stood home.' Did you do anything to stop it? Did you offer any guidance?" Christopher stares back at Tony helplessly. Tony goes on, "What do we mean when we say 'leadership' -- hm?" Brendan blames his behavior on "the crank" and swears on his mother that he's going into detox, and this time it's Christopher who tells him to shut up: "Do you want to get me clipped?" He asks Tony what they should do. Tony says that the two of them will put the suits back on the truck and drive them over to Comley's main yard, and then they'll call Junior and tell him "when it's done." Christopher curses and asks, "What about the dead guy?" Tony wryly suggests that they could try poking him with a stick or "lighting a candle to St. Anthony" (the patron saint of revival of the dead), "but I think you're fucked." Paulie and Pussy smirk; Brendan almost starts crying again. Silvio models a double-breasted jacket and asks Tony, "What if this didn't go back -- problem?" Tony tries not to smile, then says he doesn't see Christopher and Brendan putting the racks back on the truck, and they spring into action. The boys pick out suits for themselves. In front of a broken shard of mirror, Silvio admires himself, then delivers the Godfather III line again. Tony chuckles.

Close-up on the bumper of a red Saturn. The camera pans along the side of the car to a small crowd standing behind it, and we hear someone say, "Hey, Mr. Miller, your car's back!" Mr. Miller says that his wife dropped him off that morning and there he found it, right in his parking spot. AJ, standing at the front of the assembled group, naively shares the information that "my Uncle Pussy helped my dad locate it." "'Uncle Pussy'?" a puzzled Mr. Miller repeats. "He's in the car business," AJ explains. Mr. Miller makes I-don't-know-what-to-say noises and tells AJ to thank Tony for him, and then says in a tone of mild confusion that the car came back with different keys. "I suppose it's too much to hope for that my papers are still inside here," he says, popping the trunk, and someone says that "it's a different color" -- indeed, Pussy and his crew apparently repainted a yellow Saturn. Red paint comes off on Mr. Miller's hands; he stares down at it as AJ confides to a girl standing next to him, "My dad's a hero."

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