46 Long

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46 Long

Soprano Acres. At the breakfast bar, AJ "Chunky Style" Soprano tells his mom and sister that Mr. Miller's car got stolen right out of its spot in the school parking lot; the teacher had only had the car, a Saturn, for a year. "Bumper" Carmela Soprano makes shocked noises; Meadow "Brats Domino" Soprano shrugs that the security at school is "a joke." Tony comes into the kitchen, and Carmela shares the stolen-car story with him. Tony, attired in a ratty white bathrobe, asks who Mr. Miller is again, and Carmela reminds him sort of testily that he's AJ's science teacher, but Tony barely seems to hear her and starts singing, "When the miller told his tale..." and Meadow rolls her eyes. Carmela continues clucking about the car. Tony points out that "insurance will pay," but Carmela says that "they don't give full value" and teachers don't make a lot of money. Tony still doesn't see why he should care, saying that Mr. Miller can work over the summer vacation, then. Carmela suggests that Tony could help find the car. Tony makes a joke about changing his name from Lo-Jack to Anthony Soprano (heh), but Carmela doesn't find it funny and reminds him that "Pussy's got a body shop," and they could track the car from there. Meadow says she's late and makes to leave. Tony asks AJ what he gets in science. "D plus," AJ says brightly, chewing toast. "I'll see what I can do," Tony grumbles. Carmela sputters that that's not what she meant, and that AJ should "work for his grades," so Tony comes around the breakfast bar and dances her around while singing a few more lines from "Whiter Shade Of Pale," and she rolls her eyes, but it shuts her up; AJ smiles at seeing his parents getting along. Tony leaves the kitchen, humming. Carmela gives AJ the last thing he needs, i.e. more food.

Bada Bing; Pussy and Paulie at the end of the bar. "Technology comes to the Bing," Christopher announces with great fanfare. Silvio appears, Tony comes out of the back, and the boys get ready to go outside with Christopher to get the DVD players; at the same time, the bar phone starts ringing. Tony instructs Georgie the bartender that, if a guy named Serge calls, he should tell Serge Tony will be right back. Georgie whines about the complexities of the new phone system, and Tony bitches at him just to take a message and not worry about the voice mail. Too-long shot of Georgie tentatively poking at the phone with a beefy finger.

Outside, the boys take DVD players out of Christopher's trunk. They have a round table on DVD vs. laser disc, and Tony's perceived reluctance to deal with the new technology causes a short verbal scuffle between him and Christopher. Brendan tries to suck up to Tony by offering to install his DVD player, but Tony blows him off, so Christopher and Brendan make "the fuck?" gestures at each other and Christopher huffs over to Tony and asks in a don't-make-me-turn-this-car-around tone of voice, "Why can't you be nice to Brendan?" "We discussed that," Tony growls, throwing the DVD in the back of his Suburban and slamming the door.

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