46 Long

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46 Long

Cut to Tony going up Livia's front walk with a huge guilt bouquet. The Trinidadian caretaker, Perrilyn, lets him in and calls to Livia that he's there. No response. Tony takes the opportunity to tell Perrilyn in a low voice that, while she's there taking care of Livia, "no ganja, okay?" Perrilyn looks rightfully offended. Livia emerges from the kitchen, and Tony presents her with the flowers but Livia walks right past him, snarking, "I'm not dead, unfortunately for some." As usual, Tony tries to bring her around, telling her that he went to Frankie Valli's florist, but also as usual, Livia isn't listening. Perrilyn takes the flowers, and Livia nags her to make sure the bottom of the vase isn't wet. Perrilyn purses her lips in a heroic display of self-control and offers Tony something to drink.

After she leaves the room, Tony leans forward and tries to catch Livia's eye, but she avoids looking at him. He asks, "How's it going today?" "She's stealing," Livia mutters, accusing Perrilyn of taking a plate of Aunt Settimia's -- a plate Aunt Settimia herself stole from a restaurant in Rome. Tony doesn't buy that Perrilyn took it and says mildly, "I don't know, Ma; she seems like a nice person." A shot of Perrilyn arranging the flowers on the dining room table and humming to herself. Livia mutters, "She doesn't fool me for a second." "You sure she took it?" Tony asks, watching Perrilyn move about the kitchen. He says that maybe Livia gave it to a relative and forgot about it: "You keep forcing your possessions on people, thinkin' you're gonna die." "I wish it was tomorrow," Livia quavers. Tony rubs his head as Livia keeps complaining and saying that she doesn't want Perrilyn "around here" and that she can "manage somehow," but Tony won't hear it, saying he's not caving in this time: "She stays." Livia looks away, heaves a sigh, then tells Tony that Junior "Mints" Soprano called looking for Tony: "He sounded agitated."

Satriale's Pork Store. Junior grumps, "Jackie, you're the boss. Tell him to leave Comley Trucking alone." Jackie Aprile "Showers," the acting boss, sits glumly while Junior snipes at Tony about the DVD hijacking and Tony makes excuses for himself and Christopher. Junior doesn't buy Tony's explanation that "Christopher didn't know goin' in," and Tony snaps that Junior should borrow his DVD player and watch Grumpy Old Men, prompting Junior to bristle under his white driving cap and call Tony a "fuckin' funny boy," and when Jackie attempts to interrupt, Tony says he'd thought he and his uncle could work things out instead of having Junior call a sit-down, so Junior jumps all over him about not controlling the guys working for him, and Jackie stares into his coffee and looks dyspeptic as Tony snarks, "Here we go, here we go." Junior needles Jackie for a ruling. Jackie, who looks like he's struggling not to puke all over the table, says that the kids who hit the truck should make restitution to Junior. "Done, it's done," Tony says impatiently. Jackie makes a "will that do?" hand gesture towards Junior, who nods and rolls his eyes, but he can't let it drop: "Christopher Moltisanti's a fucking loose cannon, and that Filone kid, if I ever --" "For this, you get a man out of his sickbed?" Tony asks, indicating Jackie, who objects, "Hey! Fuck that shit." Tony asks Jackie how he's feeling. Jackie, who has his hair blow-dried into a really weird upswept pompadour, jokes feebly that he may be acting boss while his father's in prison, but he wishes someone would let his bowels know, "'cause they don't obey." Tony smiles; Junior has the grace to look chastened. Jackie mutters, "Fucking chemo," and thinks aloud that maybe he should name a successor. Tony: "This day and age, who wants the fucking job?" Junior's face: "Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! Oh, wait, I'd better not let that show."

Then Junior fishes for information about the Perrilyn situation, but Tony won't take the bait and says he has to go. He shakes Jackie's hand and hugs Junior; after he leaves, Junior leans over to Jackie and grumbles, "A smoke he hires, for his own mother." Oh, that's a nice way to talk. Unfortunately, it's also true to form. Some of the most virulent, unconsidered racist twaddle I've heard in my life came out of the mouths of North Jersey Italian-Americans. You know that stereotype of Italians hating people of color? It doesn't come from nowhere. And don't write to me all "don't generalize about Italians, Little Miss Waspypants," because I know that not all Italian-Americans hold racist beliefs, but let me tell you, some of the trash I heard Italians talk about black folks would curl your hair, and they didn't confine it to black folks -- Jewish folks, Asians, the Irish, women, gay people, and pretty much anybody else not straight, male, and Italian. One time, this Italian-American kid I barely knew asked me, "So is 'Bunting' a hebe name or what?" I mean, "hebe"? I didn't even know what "hebe" meant, for god's sake, so I said, "What -- 'hebe'? What?" and he went, "Y'know, like a kike or whatever," and then his friends started making fun of him for thinking I had a "hebe" name -- not because using the word "hebe" is laughably wrong, but because "Bunting" doesn't end in "-stein." I could give you a dozen more examples like this, but let's just leave it here: the Italian-American characters on this show say a lot of bigoted crap, and sad to say, that's pretty realistic.

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