46 Long

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46 Long

...and we cut to Melfi's office, where Tony says that Livia broke her wrist on the steering column and suffered a minor concussion. That's totally out of line with what we just saw, but whatever. Melfi asks about Fanny. Tony, tersely: "Hip." Melfi cringes sympathetically. Tony adds that they stayed at the hospital until two in the morning, and according to the staff gerontologist, Livia shouldn't live alone anymore. Melfi says nothing. Tony qualifies, "She can't manage the telephone." Melfi: "And yet you say she's very healthy and alert." Tony, gloomily: "Like a bull." Then, suspiciously: "Why?" Melfi remarks that, as Tony knows from his own life, depression can cause accidents and poor performance, "or worse." Tony demands to know if Melfi thinks Livia tried to "whack" her best friend unconsciously; Melfi finds it "interesting" that Tony would interpret what she said that way. Tony fixes her with a look. Melfi, a little unsettled, changes the subject and says that maybe Livia just needs a change, to "be around more people," and Tony says they looked at a facility called Green Grove, which Melfi calls "beautiful," adding that it's more like a hotel in Cap d'Antibes. Tony, who obviously doesn't know Cap d'Antibes from Carteret, covers with a feeble "yeah," then says that Livia still thinks it's a nursing home. Melfi says that Livia "needs to be made to see" the difference. She cranks up the Cliché-o-Matic and churns out a bunch of twaddle about rewarding chapters and new challenges before saying, "I know seniors who are inspired...and inspiring," and Tony nods indulgently but thinks to himself, "You don't know my mother." I shake my head and think to myself, "Shut up, Dr. Melfi."

Outside a club, a bouncer chooses people from behind the velvet rope; Christopher reminds the bouncer not to "forget about us," apparently forgetting the cardinal rule of dealing with bouncers, namely that annoying them by saying things like "don't forget about us" will assure that they forget about you with a vengeance. Adriana "Karenina" La Cerva stands beside him, working her gum; Brendan, all twitchy, tells the bouncer that "we're the ones that Kenny Portugal said say hello." "Oh yeah, Kenny," says the bouncer, going back to his list. Brendan makes an "and...?" gesture with his head, but the bouncer continues to ignore him. Brendan and Christopher mutter to each other. An arriving limo discharges a woman in a red dress and a Martin Scorsese look-alike. "Mr. Scorsese, good evening," the bouncer says (no, it's not really Scorsese -- I checked the credits), and Christopher et. al. say "whoa" and "wow," and Christopher calls after Scorsese's retreating back, "Kundun! I liked it!" and makes a gesture of solidarity with his fist. Tee hee.

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