A Hit Is A Hit

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A Hit Is A Hit

Adriana and Christopher are back in their apartment, and Defiler is sucking up the air waves. And I do mean sucking. Christopher thinks they suck some serious ass, too, but he's willing to give Adriana the money anyway, because she listens to the radio a lot and she would know what was good. Hey, I listen to the radio a lot and I know what's good. And Defiler is NOT GOOD. But I'm sure they'll figure this out by the end of the episode.

Christopher has managed to set up an interview between Massive and Hesh out at Hesh's farm. Both of them bring their crews to intimidate each other, but I guess they just kind of cancel each other out. Massive gets straight to the point and asks Hesh about all the songs he "co-wrote" with Massive's cousin Little Jimmy. He wants to know what happened to all the royalties. Hesh says they had their own writing process and they had their own rules. They were hard-nosed back then, but they also gave a lot of "poor Negro youths" their chance on the big stage.

Massive is not really impressed with this assessment of the benevolence of the old music-business moguls, and tells Hesh that he wants reparations for Little Jimmy's royalties. Tony is ready to rumble, but Christopher pipes up that Hesh "should do what's right," which is a sentiment Hesh feels is way out of line for Christopher to offer. I guess Christopher is just sucking up to Massive on Adriana's behalf by annoying Hesh. Both sides sit down to talk, and Hesh wants to know what's in it for Massive. Massive quotes Chuck D's theory about the need to seek reparations for royalties on behalf of African-American performers who were swindled by Hollywood studios and music moguls. Hesh says he's picking on the wrong white man, because he's Jewish and Jews got screwed just as much as African Americans. Massive just wants the $400,000 his lawyers estimate are Little Jimmy's royalties. He wants to give the money to Little Jimmy's mom. Isn't that sweet? But wait. Massive is totally loaded, as we saw by his Rolls Royce and his styling Englewood pad; can't he just cut the mom a check himself?

Anyhoo. There's a dinner party at Stupid Neighbor's house. They are discussing the Sopranos and their crazy gangster lifestyle. Stupid Neighbor's wife says that there's a new car in the driveway every week. And Stupid Neighbor mentions the cigars and tells Dr. Melfi (who is a guest) that they were meant as a thank you for referring Tony to her. One guest asks about property values with a gangster in the neighborhood, and Stupid Neighbor points out that they live on the safest block in town. The guests compare Mob business practices to all-American business practices, and Stupid Neighbor says that the only difference he can see is "fucking whacking somebody." Giggle giggle. I'm sick of this conversation.

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